Wudzo home interior wins “Best Interior Design Brand” award from IKA Business Awards 2022

Wudzo, a luxury interior design company founded in Bangalore, has been on an upward trajectory in terms of growth. Since its inception in 2017, the design firm has won awards for its unique blend of forward-thinking, user-friendly designs. This year – 2022 – is no different with Wudzo taking home the win as “Best Interior Design Brand” at the IKA Business Awards ‘2022.

The brainchild of exceptionally gifted Varun Ravindran and Manoj Martin-Wudzo has been breaking down barriers and setting trends in the Indian interior design landscape for quite some time now. Their innovative design ideas and top-notch in-house talents have won them high praise from their customers as well as recognition from India’s IT hub.

Wudzo’s appeal factor is only enhanced by its commitment to adding panache to any home at incredibly affordable rates without ever skimping on creating top-notch designs. They have designed over 1,200 homes in this way, putting them ahead of the pack as best design company in bangalore .

Along with trendy designs delivered on time, Wudzo brings another unique element to the table in the form of an augmented reality based platform. This state-of-the-art technology gives customers a 360 degree view of their potential home. This means customers can actually observe how every aspect of the design, from materials to furniture to colors, comes together before finalizing their choices. This decision was made by Wudzo with the intention of putting customers first. They aim to do more than just provide customers with never-before-seen designs; they aim to make clients an active part of the whole process of conceptualizing said design.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the utmost importance. Recognizing this value, Wudzo streamlines its process by offering A1 technology, various customization options, and even a personal designer. This saves their clients valuable time by ensuring a superior and hassle-free interior design experience. All these factors, combined with the company’s latest win at the IKA Business Awards, will only cement its place among the top 10 interior design companies in Bangalore.

In less than four years and a few months after its birth, Wudzo is already considered a sophisticated, credible, reliable and incredibly innovative interior design company. From its simple yet effective customer information process to its high-tech services based on augmented reality, the company will only break even more records in the future.

Thanks to the transparency they bring to the communication between designers and clients, Wudzo has created a quite remarkable reputation and brand name. Their dedication to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction for every project is what sets them apart in today’s scenario. Just like their expertise in various areas of interior design, from nursery design to false ceiling installations, and more. Wudzo has had a pretty amazing journey so far, and given his peerless design, more such accolades are sure to come his way.

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