Why not sleep facing north? A Feng Shui faux pas

Finding the best Feng Shui in the bedroom is believed to have many benefits for your sleep and daily life. From increasing your prosperity to ensuring good dreams, Feng Shui control of energy flows has been followed in bedrooms for thousands of years.

Meaning of Feng Shui is in a series of complexities. In addition to finding the best Feng Shui bedroom layout and avoiding the Feng Shui death position, finding the right positioning of each element can have a huge impact on the chi energy of your space. When it comes to Feng Shui Bed Locationfor example, making sure you are not facing north could determine the quality of your rest.

Here we take a look at why facing north can disrupt your sleep and where you should rest your head instead.

Why not sleep facing north?

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Sleeping in the north position is considered uncomfortable for Feng Shui bedroom by some Feng Shui schools. Because sleep is one of the most important activities for the body, and you are in your passive Yin state, you realize proper placement of feng shui furniture in the bedroom is considered of utmost importance.

For some schools, sleeping in a north facing position is considered bad practice as it is believed to increase sleep disorders such as insomnia which can make you lethargic and unmotivated in everyday life. The result is a decrease in luck and prosperity. That’s why when arrange a feng shui bedroom for good energy the northern position is avoided.

It is believed that sleeping in the north also has a physical effect on your body. Sleeping facing north is thought to raise your blood pressure and even cause headaches when you wake up.

There are, however, debates on whether or not to avoid sleeping facing north between different schools of Feng Shui. Feng Shui specialist Patricia Lohan (opens in a new tab) suggests that sleeping in the north may actually benefit some people. “In the school of Feng Shui that I practice, there is an optimal orientation for each person according to their year of birth. Each person has the best direction for them and in an ideal scenario, you will sleep with your head pointing in that direction.

It may be north or it may not be north. It’s very very unique and tailor-made for each person, so I disagree with the information that sleeping with North is not good Feng Shui.

“There are many schools of feng shui with very different opinions and it can be confusing. The philosophy I use, and see results from, is to work with the house you have. She adds

“Work with the room you have, optimize it and do your best.”

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Your bed can face several ways to increase the chance of luck and possibly improve your night’s rest if the north position does not suit you.

East – The position is believed to represent creativity and could elicit feelings of ambition and growth. This is a good position to sleep in if you want to influence your career.

South East – The southeast position is believed to help improve communication, so a bed facing this direction could bring you luck in your relationships.

South West – A southwest position is believed to bring peace and serenity, and therefore could reduce stress and increase your luck by calming your mind.

What bed positions should you avoid?

The north position is widely considered the worst bed position and should be avoided in Feng Shui. With the north, however, are the south and northeast positions.

Sleeping in a southern position is believed to disrupt your sleep as this area of ​​the Bagua chart is a high energy zone. Sleeping in a southern position could cause more relationship arguments, nightmares, or restlessness. A northeast position, on the other hand, could make you vulnerable to nightmares as it is believed to bring out strong emotions. For a more peaceful night’s sleep and to avoid feeling nervous throughout your day, move your bed away from the northeast position.

As for your personal sleeping arrangements, find a position facing you that doesn’t disrupt your sleep, and consider rearranging your bedroom if you think negative Feng Shui may be causing you minor sleep disturbances.

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