Who pays for renovations on “Love It or List It”? Not the production

Probably all of us have been sick in bed for a day or two, and while surfing the TV channels we land on home improvement shows.

And we lay there to watch episode after episode of Like it or list it and we asked ourselves: who pays for the renovations because there’s no way this couple could afford it, right?

The show has a simple yet intriguing format: With help from interior designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin, a couple must decide if they want to stay in their existing home – after a complete renovation – or put it up for sale. after finding the “house of their dreams”.

Hilary is working on the renovations and is given a budget to stick to and a list of “must-haves” to hit. And while she does that, David shows homeowners new homes while staying in a set of her own “must-haves” and a budget too.

It’s a fun show to watch because you look inside people’s homes without having to leave our own and have some great ideas. But it’s also fun to find out what the couple choose to do – and if David or Hilary wins.

With so much money for updating the house, who is paying for the renovations on “Like it or List it”?

Much of the show’s appeal is seeing how the interior decorations and the professional team work their magic – transforming an old, old-fashioned kitchen into something massive and modern, or finding a suitable play space for the kids in underutilized office space.

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It’s like magic, but it’s also a lot of work. And it feels like the majority of homes often have a kitchen remodel on their “must-have list”. For anyone who’s owned a home, they’ll tell you how expensive a complete kitchen remodel is.

In addition, hearing the budget that the owners have set aside for their renovations leaves us a little puzzled and very curious. where does this money come from? Should the couple pay it themselves? Does the show pay for it? Is it some kind of hybrid?

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Being on the show seems like a dream come true – a home updo without having to do all the hiring and supervision – but it’s not that simple. According to News and registration, it costs a lot of money to be on the show.

“We do not cover the cost of owners’ temporary housing while renovating their home, except in the case of unforeseen circumstances such as delays due to COVID,” the publication said.

HGTV Show Like It Or List It

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And homeowners are responsible for paying the entire renovation bill. “The owners always pay for the renovation and they have the option of purchasing the furniture and decoration used for the staging,” the publication continues.

“What they don’t buy is taken out of the house. And third, to be clear, even when the furniture is removed, “the renovations stay intact.”

According to official casting requestTo even qualify for the show, a couple must have at least $ 50,000 of their own money set aside to make sure there is a decent amount to be able to complete a renovation for the show.

So if this is a dream opportunity for you, you probably want to start saving now.

To concern Like it or list it Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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