Visit a Napa Valley home that features groovy furniture and Gucci wallpaper | Architectural Summary

You won’t have to venture far to this serene home in Napa Valley, California to feel the influence of its designer, Kristen Peña. Trained in elegance and European proportions, the San Francisco-based decorator and founder of K Interiors has earned a reputation for creating contemporary designs that thoughtfully balance openness and intimacy. Nonetheless, inside this four-bedroom home, Peña has also managed to go a step further, fusing his clients’ bespoke, largely monochromatic palette with a playful, sophisticated scheme that elevates the overall aesthetic of the house. residence.

“It was a very clean slate when I was brought in, so we really wanted to honor all the lines of the interior architecture,” says Peña, whose globetrotter through Southeast Asia, Morocco and beyond, over the years, has helped her grow. love of pattern and texture. “[At the same time,] we wanted to provide accessibility and comfort by employing lots of artisan designers to help foster a unique sense of space.

This concept was reinforced by Peña’s clients, two technology executives from San Francisco who bought the 4,500 square foot property in 2020 as a weekend getaway. These two contemporary art enthusiasts have an extensive collection including pieces from a diverse list of artists specializing in various media. Today, interiors are dotted with works such as British textile artist Sally England and Danish sculptor Nicholas Shurey.

“Our art collection is an extension of our tastes, and Kristen really understood that from the start,” says one of the home’s owners. “She has created unique spaces that not only showcase art, but also express our style.”

While works of art play a prominent role in this home, interior furnishings, drawn from a wide range of sources, emphasize the interplay between craftsmanship and materiality. In the main living room, for example, a pair of bouclé sofas by Canadian-British designer Philippe Malouin flank a travertine and burnished brass table by Banda, a UK-based design firm. Also note a gold leaf wall, created by Bay Painter and decorator from the region Caroline Lizarraga.

A custom table in the formal dining room highlights Peña’s urban sensibilities. She designed the table herself and paired it with chairs from Stahl + Band, a design studio in Venice, California. Elsewhere, handcrafted lighting by Natalie Page, a Philadelphia artist whose work includes ceramic lighting, decorative art and product design, can be seen in the kitchen.

In the master suite, a custom bed, by Hardesty Dwyer & Co., anchors a room that also includes Coup D’Etat oak and bouclé chairs and Thomas Hayes side tables. A rug by vintage and contemporary rug dealer Tony Kitz adds playful warmth to the entire room, which includes more wall treatments by Caroline Lizarraga.

Colorful walls are a highlight throughout the home and can even be seen in unexpected areas of the home. “Whenever someone comes to visit the house, I always show them the laundry room first,” the owner says with a light laugh. The small space features Gucci wallpaper illuminated by neon photography. Just more proof that when it comes to this project, Peña has left no stone – or square foot – unturned.

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