Upgrade your soaking sanctuary with these beautiful tubs

The Borghi bath by Antoniolupi, available locally from Solesdi. Photo courtesy of Antoniolupi


Five Colorado interior experts tell us about their favorite bathtubs.

There’s something about soaking in a tub that just melts away the problems. Whether you’re relaxing comfortably by candlelight, hiding with a favorite book, or just swimming in bubbles, taking a bath is good therapy. What if the bathtub was really beautiful? Well, that’s even better.

Many of the most popular tubs today are freestanding pieces that act as functional sculptures, giving even an ordinary bathroom the luxurious ambience of a private spa. Want to splash around in a fabulous new bathtub? We asked five Colorado interior designers to show us their favorites.

The Halley bathtub from Jetta. Photo by Jordan Katz

The designer: Laura Medicus, owner and director of Laura Medicus Interiors
Chat : “Most of my customers who love bathtubs are women. They like calm weather. Many of them have full time jobs and children, and it’s a time they give themselves. This moment of calm spent in a bath is incredibly rejuvenating.
Why this model gets top marks: “Comfort is number one: I take all of my clients to a local plumbing showroom and have them sit in a variety of freestanding tubs. The Halley tub is the number one tub in comfort for the vast majority of them. Number two is the look: I love the graceful oval shape. It fits into a variety of home styles, from contemporary to eclectic, and the oval is a good shape for a room. narrower tub. Number three is the price: compared to similar tubs, this is excellent value for money.”
What types of spaces is it best suited for? “It comes in a 60-inch size for smaller bathrooms and a 68-inch length for larger bathrooms, and I love that versatility. If you are looking for a graceful and streamlined freestanding bathtub, this is the one.
Installation tips: “I love bathtubs like this in front of a window or even in a small alcove. It’s nice to draw attention to them with the architecture of the piece.
Recommended plumbing fixtures: “I’m a big fan of Brizo’s Odin and Delta toast faucets. These are simple and graceful tub fillers that match the clean lines of the tub.
Price: The 60-inch model is $4,901 and the 68-inch is $5,264
Where to find it: Refueling of the Ramparts

The MTI Elise bathtub. Photo by Shawn O’Connor

The designer: Pamela Chelle, director of Pamela Chelle Interior Design
Chat : “[The bath] is one of the few respite spaces left, where you can truly disconnect.
Why this model gets top marks: “This tub is made primarily of organic natural stone, with a resin binder. It retains more heat than an acrylic tub, has no hollow areas and has a beautiful matte finish that is unmatched with an acrylic tub. It also has a center drain and is symmetrical, which is great for several reasons: you can lay on either end and won’t be sitting on the drain, and it can comfortably accommodate multiple users at once. The recline of the backrest is also extremely comfortable for relaxing in a bath.
What types of spaces is it best suited for? “This tub is very versatile as it is quite small and the tub filler can be located in multiple areas.”
Installation Tips: “The Elise looks beautiful from every angle, but it’s a real hit from the front view. Centered in front of a window would be stunning!
Recommended plumbing fixtures: “I would highly recommend using a tub filler that matches the rest of the plumbing selections in the same bathroom space, in the same finish.”
Price: The 66-inch model costs $6,251
Where to find it: Winnelson, FergusonWhere Ultra Design Center

The Avalon tub from Native Trails. Photo courtesy of Native Trails

The designer: Julee Wray, Founder and Chief Designer of Lattice interiors
Chat : “[The tub] is a place to relax and rejuvenate. People are looking more than ever to make their homes a sanctuary of beauty and comfort. This tub creates a luxurious yet relaxing ambiance to help with that. »
Why this model gets top marks: “I love the natural materials and craftsmanship they put into every tub. They use a proprietary blend that makes the tub highly stain and wear resistant. We specified this tub for a customer who requested a bathroom very “earthly” and “japandi-vibe” She asked to use as many products of natural materials as possible.
What types of spaces is it best suited for? “Freestanding applications. The large version is ideal for a large main bathroom and the smaller version for a smaller main bathroom.
Installation Tips: “Anywhere he will have a presence in a room.”
Recommended plumbing fixtures: “We like satin gold or bronze with the earth color, or nickel with the cream and gray versions. Just note that the tub has a center drain, so be sure to place your tub filler accordingly.
Price: The 72-inch model costs $9,795 and the 62-inch model costs $8,490
Where to find it: Refueling of the Ramparts

House of Rohl’s Victoria + Albert Toulouse Freestanding Soaking Tub. Photo by Emily Minton Redfield

The designer: Jodi Cook, owner and director of Home Design Kitchen
Chat : “Baths are representative of taking a moment for ourselves. For many of us, a bath forces us to slow down and do nothing. Water is also incredibly therapeutic and baths can reduce stress levels and anxiety. inflammation. What’s not to like?!

I highly recommend that you try out tubs like you would a pair of shoes. Climb into it in the showroom! You want to make sure the tub isn’t so big that your feet can’t touch the other side, or you’ll float during bath time. You also don’t want it to be too small or your knees will always be cold. It’s important to have a good fit.

Why this model gets top marks: “The shape is simple and majestic, and the rolled edge makes it comfortable under the neck. I also like the material. It’s a Quarrycast material, which is a mixture of volcanic limestone rock and high-grade resin. The result is a material that retains heat well, like a cast iron tub, but without the weight.Feels great in the hand, unlike acrylic pots, which often feel plastic to our customers. a big fan!”
What types of spaces is it best suited for? “Due to its simple, tailored shape, the Toulouse works well with a variety of design styles.”
Installation Tips: “It’s a freestanding tub, so you need to have a bathroom with room to accommodate this type of fixture. That said, it does have a fairly small footprint, so it tends to fit most primary bath spaces. I love the visual impact of centering the tub on a window.”
Recommended plumbing fixtures: “A freestanding tub filler is a must. You can really use any style, but I like the classic style of the Perrin & Rowe Georgian Floor Mounted Bath Filler. Perrin & Rowe also has one of the finest polished nickel finishes in the industry, in my opinion!
Price: $4,761
Where to find it: Ultra Design Center

The Borghi bathtub by Antoniolupi. Photo courtesy of Antoniolupi

The designer: Yvonne Jacobs, director of Jacobs + Interiors
Chat : “Personally, I love take a bath. It’s very ritualistic; it is luxurious and relaxing. Customers who ask for them always have something in mind and want to create a certain atmosphere around them. It’s about healing and taking care of yourself. »
Why this model gets top marks: “The colors are so rich and the material is elegant and so delicious! I love the idea of ​​integrating color and light into a tub, it’s so beautiful. »
What types of spaces is it best suited for? “A large bathroom with natural light. This bathtub is a centerpiece and needs space to be a show-off.
Installation tips: “I would install it in front of a large window, leaving room for the plumbing in the floor.
Recommended plumbing fixtures: “I can see a modern plumbing set; something of Gessi would be wonderful.
Price: $27,200
Where to find it: Solesdi

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