Two-story cabin in the woods appears in 10 days

Backcountry Hut Company (BHC), the Canadian studio for creating flatbed cabins that easily assemble on site, has unveiled a new model called Catskills Cabin. The compact and attractive accommodation takes inspiration from traditional alpine cabin design and benefits from superb use of wood and rustic elements. Additionally, the entire outer shell only took 10 days to be fully installed.

As the name suggests, the not-so-small cabin is located in the Catskills area of ​​New York City. It spans two levels, with a generous interior living space of 998 square feet (92.7 m²). The house is constructed with a sustainably harvested engineered glued laminated timber frame and is clad with pre-fabricated insulated panels that make up the walls, roof and floor.

The outer shell creates a sealed thermal envelope that lowers overall energy costs and helps maintain the interior temperature during the warmer and colder months. Customers also have the option to upgrade this envelope system with additional sustainable features such as solar panels on the roof, to achieve Net Zero or Passive House recognition.

The second floor has cathedral ceilings and oversized floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lush forest landscape

Backcountry Shelter Company

Inside the Catskills Cabin, the ground floor features a warm open living space, a modern central kitchen, a full bathroom, storage space, and access to the outdoor patio. The second floor has cathedral ceilings with extra large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lush forest landscape, as well as master double bedrooms with a central shared bathroom.

The home also benefits from beautiful cedar beamed ceilings, custom herringbone cedar shelving, wood and slate floors and a continuous view of the natural surroundings. The landscaped outdoor area features a picnic table, tree stump seating, barbecue, and fire pit for alfresco dining and year round entertainment.

The Catskills cabin is based on the original model of the BHC System 02, which costs CA $ 210,000 (approximately US $ 163,335). That said, the total budget to complete the entire cabin was CA $ 413,000 (US $ 321,227). To give you a better idea of ​​how quickly the expenses add up, the overall budget breaks down as follows:

  • BHC Shipping: CA $ 17,500 (US $ 13,624)
  • Consultant fees and permits: CA $ 36,000 (US $ 28,026)
  • Foundation: CA $ 20,000 (US $ 15,570)
  • Interior finish: CA $ 50,000 (US $ 38,926)
  • Construction trades: CA $ 79,500 (US $ 61,892)
  • System Kit 02: CA $ 210,000 (US $ 163,489)

    Source: Backcountry Hut Company

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