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Are you rather cool contemporary, shabby chic or traditional with a twist? Trying to define who we are in the big world of interior design can be mind-boggling.

Once upon a time, it was so easy. The choices were pretty clear: classic or modern. Today, so many styles are derived from these two original styles, and that’s a good thing. Our decorative choices are more judicious and with each project our tastes and our style are further enriched. Nothing better than having more choices. So which trend or style is yours? Newport Casual, Palm Beach Classic, Miami Modern or Manhattan Sophistication.

Among all the trends that emerge at every furniture fair or interior design magazine, certain pieces always stand out in our minds as being in “good taste” or in styles similar or sympathetic to yours. You may be wondering: which of these styles is a keeper? The answer can be a bit convoluted, as there is no right or wrong answer. Those styles that stand out in your mind are usually the way we like to view our own lives and, decoratively, our “lifestyle”.

Some are looking for those styles that will last a lifetime, and still others love the latest trend that will run around one or two seasons and then move on to the next “next”. There will always be flashy, over-the-top, humorous interiors that call for applause. It’s good to take a look at these types of interiors and learn what you can from them. There will also be correct and sober interior fittings. These are interiors that I describe as having nothing wrong with them while missing the WOW aspect. The goal of most interiors is to seek out the highlights in between.

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Finding your own style will take some soul-searching, as you might like certain aspects of a risk-taking design and things from a much more secure and subtle design. Achieving a well-balanced interior is possible for everyone. Keep in mind that balanced means something different for everyone. A house is meant to be a collection and representative of those who live there. Each accommodation reveals a lot about those who live there.

Every selection made for an interior design communicates a message. From the color on the walls to the selection of artwork and even the fabric used for upholstery, curtains and decorative cushions, everything reveals the owner’s likes and dislikes. For example, a person who chooses red walls for the dining room can be seen as confident – someone who is likely to entertain and perhaps someone who is open to trends. Likewise, a very neutral palette in a home can send the message that the person is more traditional and non-binding. These are all stereotypes that reflect the style. So whether you like to keep up with the latest trends or prefer classic styles, know that there is no wrong way to choose an interior style. Trendy or not, your interior style should just be made for you.

Joseph Pubillones is the owner of Joseph Pubillones Interiors, an award-winning interior design company based in Palm Beach, Florida.


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