This winter villa has been designed to immerse you in the snowy Russian landscape and luxurious interiors!

I love chalets and love the snow, so this luxurious winter chalet in a Russian forest seems like the perfect place to stay socially aloof, cozy and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery while skiing! Shomali Design Studio is one of our favorites when it comes to designing luxurious nature retreats as they always draw inspiration from the natural setting for form, materials and aesthetics which only improve design.

“We tried to use a solid, simple shape to create a strong, secure feeling. On the other hand, making harmony with the environment by extending the sloping roof to the ground was our main objective. In the end, the futuristic and modern form was born during this process. In addition, it is an interior space at the front door.

Unlike a solid and cold exterior, we have a fluid and warm interior. Inside, in order to have a feeling of comfort, there are warm colors and different floor materials. On the other hand, the conventional low-level area lowers the viewer’s eye level and presents different points of view to the outside, ”explains the designer duo who run the Iranian architecture studio.

The concept home may appear dark on the outside, but the brightly colored interiors add much-needed visual warmth, especially given the environment it is in. Unlike most luxury villas, this is primarily a one-level story and the floor curves organically. halfway to provide a raised platform for the bed that separates the sleeping area.

The angular structure also has beautiful panoramic windows that immerse you in the picturesque landscape while keeping frostbite away. I already dream of spending a long weekend here, curled up with my favorite book and an unlimited hot cup of coffee!

Designer: Shomali Design Studio

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