This Tollywood actor’s home in Hyderabad has the most spectacular balconies

The concept

Taking inspiration from the rest of the house’s clean, clean interiors, and after spending three sleepless nights designing the designs, the duo came up with a concept that played with flowing shapes. “Flowing lines and curved shapes were combined with a general sense of minimalism to create a lounging space that was also large enough to echo the family lifestyle,” says Dulani.

The team also visualized a space for the actor to feel comfortable enough to unfold his creative process as he trains for his role. “One of the main reasons we chose curved lines and waves in different corners was to reflect the ups and downs that everyone faces in their careers, especially an actor, who will inevitably be successful and box office hiccups, ”Gehenwar explains. They also wanted the balconies to read as a summary of his work, and the hallmark of the south balcony is the pergola. Jutting out like a wave-like structure, the unusual mild steel pergola displays the cut out names of each movie the actor has starred in. “It involved meticulous manufacturing work as well as the delicate work of figuring out how to maintain it,” explains Dulani, adding, “As supporting the walls alone was not enough, we used sleepers to support the weight of the assembly. installation. The dramatic textual shadows that the pergola casts onto the ground below create a unique pattern that evolves throughout the day with the movement of the sun.

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