These modern installations will transform your home

From minimalist decor to statement pieces and an understated color palette, modern home design is one of the biggest interior design trends right now. It’s a great opportunity to refresh the look of your home if you already have one, or build a dream home.

But where do you start? From visualizing what you want your home to look like, allocating a budget for your project, knowing how to combine various design elements to produce the desired results, knowing what materials to use and where, the list can seem endless. Or maybe you know how to do all of this, but your time is limited.

This is where professional assistance comes in. Whether you’re working on a tight budget or want a plush high-end look, the market is pretty versatile. Consulting a design firm gives a wide range of workable ideas to choose from, as designers are able to fine-tune based on what you want, your resource allocation, as well as the space on which to work.

It can also give perspective on how to use dead space in your home, whether it’s a basement, attic, or any other space that can be remodeled to be more practical. and productive for you.

Moshe Noiman, CEO of Classic Moldings Limited, an interior design and construction services company with over 30 years of experience in the industry, shares advice on a few simple installations that will transform your home.

Whether it’s a new home, about to sell, or just fancy a change, these home decor ideas will instantly add a contemporary touch to your property.

If “unique” is the definition you want for your home, or if you’re just tired of ceramic tiles, natural stone is the way to go. It is a versatile product, as it can be installed anywhere in the house. From porches, walls, floors and worktops, the variance is as limited as you can imagine. In warm areas you have more leeway to use stone tiles all over the house, but in cold areas you can use it at the entrance, for kitchen countertops, in exterior cladding and in the bathroom. As it is a natural product, it is environmentally friendly. It also has pores and therefore ventilated, which avoids cases of swelling of the floor due to pressure due to poor curing or faulty installation.

While many people are skeptical about using too much glass in their homes, a skylight is definitely an idea you want to seriously consider. Not only will this reduce your electricity costs by bringing in more natural light (eliminating the need for artificial lighting), but it will also give your space a fresh, modern feel. The most common use for skylights is in attic conversions, and nothing screams modern like a true livable artic. Whether you choose to make the space an extra bedroom, office, living room or playroom, skylights provide much-needed lighting and ventilation, while giving you the full experience of enjoying nature. . You can also install double volume roof windows in the kitchen. , stairs or even hallways. The windows are double glazed for security and insulation, and have blinds when you need them. Some varieties are also installed with sensors and close automatically when it starts to rain.

With the advent of modern technologies and modern materials, moldings have become more versatile, offering both functional and aesthetic appeal. Indirect lighting cornices and curtain profile cornices that conceal lighting and curtains respectively will give your home a unique touch of class. Moldings can also take the form of panels such as baseboards or 3D panels installed as artwork, or polyurethane dummy wood which gives your home a real exposed wood aesthetic at a much lower cost, by more about being environmentally friendly. As moldings are custom made and designed, their shape and color can be changed to match your exact desires.

Walls are very important when it comes to modernizing your property because something as simple as paint can make or break your design. If your budget is tight, choosing the right flat paint (normal paint) will suffice while giving your home a contemporary feel. You can, however, get premium textured paintings at a fair price, which in turn gives you more leeway to be creative with your design, such as high-end wallpaper reproduction.

There are also paint substitutes, such as a product called floor wall. It can be applied to both walls and floors, acting as a flooring substitute, giving your home a seamless feel and reducing the cost of skirting and coving. Since it is painted in four layers, one of which is mesh, it is sturdy and adheres to the surface even in cases where the wall cracks or the floor swells due to pressure.

It’s also rewarding to invest in acrylic plaster or other textured finishes for your exterior walls, for the ultimate contemporary look inside and out.

They are highly reflective tubes made up of three parts; light collecting, light transmitting and light emitting devices. They bring natural light into rooms that do not have direct access, and we cannot talk about modernizing a house without adequate lighting. In the use of space, light tunnels can help you transform dark rooms like basements into exciting and practical living spaces. Tunnels can be rigid or flexible, which means that the installation is tenable even in areas where there are obstacles between the room you want to light and the roof.

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