These indoor kennel designs are dog approved

Sometimes a spacious and comfortable indoor kennel can be a dog’s best friend.

Designer Erman Burak Santana has taken this to heart by designing a range of modern and upscale enclosures that are also meant to add to an animal lover’s home decor.

Not being a dog owner himself, Satana started designing dog kennels and crates many years ago and relies on his imagination and the contributions of his canine friends.

“When we have finished the prototypes, we invite the dog owners into our office. These meetings take on a festive air, ”he said. “We are observing the reactions of the dogs and I think we have succeeded in creating a safe, stylish and comfortable space as they quickly start to lie down happily in the crate.”

The Pueblo model.
Rafa rests in his Gable-style kennel which comes in four sizes ranging from West Highland Terrier to Extra Large Newfoundland, around $ 235 to $ 670 ($ 188 to $ 529 US).

Each kennel is offered in four different sizes suitable for dogs ranging from small terriers to Bernese Mountain dogs. They include design elements and materials that integrate light and air.

“Since I didn’t want the dogs to feel confined, I included acrylic windows and ventilation openings in the design process. This touch created a visual rich in itself, ”said Santana. “According to our data, dogs don’t feel alienated and they see this space as their own possession in no time.”

Puppy Wednesday hangs out in a plush and personalized Lakota pattern.

The owners also seem to appreciate the spaces. Satana says, “From some of the photos we have seen, there are customers getting into the crate with their dogs to play and snuggle up.

Santana, based in Turkey, founded his company WLO in 2019 which offers four models and ships worldwide from the Burhaniye region, a coastal town in the Aegean Sea. His company is now establishing itself in the United States

The A-frame Lakota model ranges from sizes suitable for a small terrier to a very large breed dog.  About $ 210 to $ 615 ($ 166 to $ 489 US)

All crates are constructed with marine plywood panels and are resistant to fleas, mildew and mildew. The colorants of the water-based series give the wood an extra smooth surface. Customers can choose from five colors for the crates: black, white, walnut, rosewood, gray, natural, rosewood. There are also four colors of cushions: black, ivory, gray and navy.

Customers assemble the crates using a digital instruction manual. Satana says assembly typically takes 20 to 50 minutes.

Whiskey models the Pueblo model kennel, available in four sizes ranging from small to extra large, from $ 265 to $ 780 ($ 209 - US $ 619).

Santana said his company, at, does about 10 percent of its business with Canadian customers. WLO kennels are also available on Etsy.

Georgie Binks is a Toronto-based writer and a freelance contributor to The Star. Contact her at [email protected]

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