The range of handcrafted minimalist rugs are inspired by brutalist architecture

The architectural style of Brutalism has grown in popularity in recent years as people have shown a renewed interest and appreciation for its minimalist aesthetic. And as “an ode to the beauty of brutalist form” and to the sheer balance and harmony between architecture and nature it creates, global design curators and the interior brand Tigmi trade launched its first in-house designed carpet collection called Rilievo. Inspired by the approach of Italian modernist architect Carlo Scarpa, these modern minimalist rugs are distinguished by their beautifully subtle combination of form and function.

“I have a deep connection with architectural detail and in particular with how brutalist forms can balance the harshness and strength of materiality with the intricate details of design,” says Tigmi Founder and Creative Director Trading, Danielle McEwan. This same balance has been sought in the concepts of this new line, and careful thought has gone into every aspect of the design of these expertly handcrafted rugs. Rilievo means ‘relief’ in Italian, and the sculptural relief details for which the collection was named capture the eye while the geometric shapes catch the light and give the rugs a multi-colored look that exploits the balance between hard edges and the light.

Offered in a range of rich natural tones, each is made from a combination of New Zealand wool paired with a soft linen liner base. And as an ethical and environmentally conscious brand, each Rilievo the rug is made to order. Plus, each individual fiber is hand-knotted by expert artisans in Nepal, making each rug a reflection of Tigmi Trading’s slow, thoughtful approach to design.

“It has always been the vision that one day we would create our own line of rugs, a fusion of ideas that have stood the test of time. I wanted to make sure we were presenting a collection that was representative of our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, but that also captured the essence of our brand in the visual language of our designs, ”says McEwan. “Our goal is to continue to push ourselves and our customers to think and buy consciously – beautifully aesthetic, social and ethical design – we don’t think you need to sacrifice one for the other. . “

Scroll down to see images of Tigmi Trading’s beautiful carpet collection, Rilievo. For more information on the range or to purchase your own rug, visit the company’s website. website.

Global design curators and interior brand Tigmi Trading have produced their own line of in-house designed rugs called Rilievo.

Tigmi Trading Rilievo Rug CollectionTigmi Trading Rilievo Rug CollectionModern minimalist rugs compliment brutalist architectureTigmi Trading Rilievo Rug Collection

Modern minimalist rugs are inspired by the beauty and design of brutalist architecture.

Tigmi Trading Rilievo Rug CollectionTigmi Trading Rilievo Rug CollectionModern minimalist rugs compliment brutalist architectureModern minimalist rugs compliment brutalist architecture

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