the new kåseberga collection from ikea includes beautiful glassware

IKEA has just unveiled a sustainable micro-collection inspired by life in KÃ…SEBERGA, a coastal village south of Österlen, Sweden. Eponymous from the name of the organic frame – the central decoration designed KÃ…SEBERGA with the leading sports organization World Surf League – to create a selection of products available from spring 2022.

Highlights include trendy glassware designed by acclaimed surfer Kassia Meador and designer IKEA Wiebke Braash who just redesigned our dining room ideas.

After three years of preparation, the partnership explores the interior and lifestyle desires of the surfing community – while making these products available to the rest of the world. So you can reflect its Scandi-cool allure in your interiors, wherever you are.

IKEA KÃ…SEBERGA blue glass on a beach

(Image credit: IKEA)

Along with a focus on the needs of the internet user, IKEA also prioritizes sustainability, which is at the heart of the collection, as with all of the other recent launches of the interior brand. They organized KÃ…SEBERGA to contribute to a cleaner planet while making our new season table look great in the process. Yes, it is the modern interior design idea that not only looks good, but Is as well.

Of course, Murano-style glassware is inevitably coveted, but the collection also includes a selection of beautifully crafted products that are intended for both the home and the beach. The products, including a beach bag and balance board, promote an ocean-centric lifestyle to remind consumers to stay active and planet-conscious.

IKEA has also developed KÃ…SEBERGA with renewable materials, including wood and materials from recycled sources such as recycled polyester.

KÃ…SEBERGA blue glassware

(Image credit: IKEA)

“We are proud of the progress we have made and the great work of the team behind the collaboration. We’re especially proud of how we’ve managed to get feedback from several hundred people involved in the surf community for the collection, ”says James Futcher, Product Design Manager at IKEA Sweden.

“We have been attentive to their needs while developing the collection, pushing both form and function while ensuring the use of more durable materials,” he adds.

From designing a canvas for our favorite IKEA hacks to a sustainable collection that saved our table, the home decor giant has done it again. KÃ…SEBERGA is available worldwide from spring 2022.

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