The most googled interior designers in the world. Who are they?

They have designed the most enviable homes and interiors for the world’s elite. Subject of interest and adulation, these interior design experts / architects have fascinated many for their creative eye and intelligence. Now, new research has revealed the world’s most googled interior designers.

According to the creative resources agency, Design Bundles, Philippe Starck is the most googled interior designer in the world. The famous designer and architect, known for his eclectic transformations of hotels, yachts and bars, records 41,000 searches per month.

The second most searched interior designer on Google is Nate Berkus. The US-based designer and television personality performs 32,000 searches per month. The figure is well above the research average of all the designers on the list (20,990), including her husband Jeremiah Brent.

Seeking design inspiration

The Design Bundles study analyzed 100 interior designers around the world to find the top ten in the world. He also ranked the top ten by their Instagram followers and income, to find the most powerful social media star among them.

Bobby Berk is also one of the world’s favorite designers. The strange eye star – who has a net worth of over four million dollars – has the third highest average search at 31,000 per month.

Jeremiah Brent – who co-hosts a reality TV show Nate and Jeremiah by Design with her husband Nate Berkus – has seen some of the highest average searches in the world. The interior design guru performs 24,000 searches per month, making him the fourth most sought-after designer in the world.

Celebrity designer Kelly Hoppen – based in the UK and famous for her classic style of meeting East and West – has recorded some of the highest average searches in the world at 21,000, while Kelly Wearstler, who has designed interiors for stars such as Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani, conducted 21,000 searches.

Increased popularity of identification

However, when it came to ranking the world’s ten most searched interior designers on Google by Instagram followers, Bobby Berk led the charge. He currently has the most Instagram followers (2.8 million) of the entire list. Berk orders around $ 7,498 (S $ 10,163) per Sponsored Post, nearly triple the average Instagram earnings of the ten designers.

Kelly Wearstler has the second highest number of Instagram followers (1.6 million), or roughly $ 4,408 (S $ 5,975) per post.

And while Nate Berkus may be winning when it comes to Google searches, his partner Jeremiah has a higher Instagram engagement rate (1.88% vs. 1.07% for Nate). This means Jeremiah earns a little more from the platform – $ 3,106 (S $ 4,210) per post.

A spokesperson for Design sets, who commissioned the research, said: “When you look at the research data, it’s fascinating to see who comes out as the world’s most in-demand interior designers. While we have iconic American and British favorites such as Nate Berkus, Kelly Wearstler and Kelly Hoppen, the presence of designers like Philippe Starck and Axel Vervoordt shows a clear continental influence.

Here’s the full list of the world’s most googled interior designers based on monthly average searches.

  1. Philippe Starck (41,000)
  2. Nate Berkus (32,000)
  3. Bobby Yuck (31,000)
  4. Jeremiah Brent (24,000)
  5. Kelly Hopen (22,000)
  6. Kelly Wearstler (21,000)
  7. Alex Vervoordt (13,000)
  8. Jungalow (9,700)
  9. Marcel Wanders (8,400)
  10. Eric Kuster (7,800)

(Featured Image: Alberto Castillo Q. on Unsplash)

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