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Kelly Prim cleans the lens of her Canon EOS Rebel T6. (Photo provided)

Kelly Prim, 17, is a senior at the Washington County Career Center where she is in the Graphic Design and Video Production (GDVP) program and has a passion for photography.

“I was really interested in photography for a long time” Prim said. “I got my first camera when I was 13 or 14. My stepfather bought me a camera from the pawnshop.”

Prim says her stepfather also loves photography and Photoshop and that’s what got her into it. She said during COVID she couldn’t go to school so she was walking around Marietta taking pictures of random things to pass the time.

“And I was like, I really want to do this, but I wanted to take pictures of people, not just random objects,” Prim said. “So once I got to the Career Center, Mr. Palmer (Chris Palmer, graphic design and video production instructor) helped me learn more things for my camera. I knew how to work it but not so well. I just knew how to take a photo, but he definitely helped me learn the camera tricks.

Prim said she started going to Marietta football and basketball games to take photos, she started taking family photos at their events, then this summer she started doing more of photo shoot type photos.

Kelly Prim and boyfriend Morgan Caltrider during Marietta’s Riverfront Roar. Prim took pictures of the boats and the spectators. (Photo provided)

“So me and my friends Elaina (Stiers), Kendall (Maze) and Kodi (Reynolds) get together sometimes and do photoshoots,” Prim said. “I also shoot seniors, and I also asked a few other people I know if I could do a shoot with them.”

Prim lives with her grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle and three cousins ​​in a duplex in Marietta.

“It’s a lot of drama” Prim Jokes. “It’s a duplex so my aunt, uncle and cousins ​​live on one side and me, my grandmother and grandfather on the other. It’s a lot of drama but I love them all.

Prim hopes to follow her passion for photography in college, either at Bowling Green University or Ohio University, where she would like to major in photojournalism. Bowling Green does not offer a photojournalism degree, it only offers a journalism degree with a minor in photography, but does offer an interior design program.

“It has also interested me for a very long time”, Prim said. “Ohio University has photojournalism as a major, so I’m definitely taking that, but it’s more ‘Which one do I really want to go to?'”

Kelly Prim took prom photos for friends Left to right: Sophie Stevens, Elaina Stiers, Morgan Caltrider, Prim, Kendall Maze and Lucas Tome. (Photo provided)

In her spare time, Prim enjoys shopping, camping in the garden, reading WWII and Holocaust documentaries, and going to the beach with her family.

“We go to the beach every year, we go to the Outer Banks (North Carolina),” Prim said. “I literally know the Outer Banks like the back of my hand. We go there for a whole week and I love it so much. It’s so pretty, and I especially love taking pictures there.

Prim says her photographic influences are based on local photographers more than any other.

“I like to go local because it gives me more inspiration” Prim said.

She said MoniKeri Imaging and Cassie Jo Photography were her biggest influences.

Kelly Prim, Mean and BFFs Elaina Stiers and Kendall Maze pose for a photo. Prim often uses her friends for her photos. (Photo provided)

“Because I see their photographs and I’m like, ‘I want to do something like this.'”

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