Technician’s family and in-laws say they have no idea what his investments are – The New Indian Express

Through Express news service

HYDERABAD: Korra Pradeep, the technician who committed suicide with his wife and two sons, is said to have invested all of her income in various businesses. However, neither his parents nor his in-laws have any idea of ​​the investments.

It is suspected that he also did not inform his wife. In the absence of clues, police now rely on their two cell phones and a laptop to search for clues. “We hope to get clues about his businesses and investments,” police said.

Pradeep’s father Yadaiah said they were unaware of such financial issues that Pradeep was going through. “If he had said a word to us, we could have thought of a plan,” he said.

Meanwhile, the family of G Swathi, Pradeep’s wife, also claimed that they were in regular contact with her but never heard of such issues. Swathi’s mother said she would video call her grandchildren every Sunday, but could not speak to them on Sunday (March 1). She said their call went unanswered. “We spoke to him on Saturday morning. She looked very normal, but she didn’t tell us that she was going to Karimnagar for a wedding, ”Swathi’s mother said.

It was found that the house where the victims resided was registered in Yadaiah’s name. It was built using a home loan, which was acquired through Yadaiah. Pradeep was paying the installments and had a loan of around 40 lakh, including manual loans and gold loans.

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