TCU Sports: Rookies Of The Year – Over 50 Horned Frogs Named To 2021-22 All-Big 12 Rookie Academic Team

Of the 469 student-athletes to be named to the 2021-22 All-Big 12 Rookie Academic Team, 53 are horned frogs. The Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team includes students who are new, including freshmen, to their particular institution.

West Virginia led the way, with 68 members selected, followed by Kansas with 56, TCU’s 53 not far behind.

A total of 56 student-athletes were nominated with grade point averages of 4.0.

Nominated by each institution’s Director of Student-Athlete Support Services, to become a member of the Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team, a student-athlete must be new to the institution (or a freshman), after completing 23 hours of non-remedial course work, and achieving a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0.

In addition, the student-athlete must have participated in at least one sporting event and must have been a member of their institution’s team for the entire NCAA championship segment of their sport. The Academic All-Big 12 has been in place since 2012-13.

TCU award winners include:

Travel banta III–Baseball, movement science specialization

owen Blackledge–Baseball, Major in Economics

Cohen feser–Baseball, business major

brody Green–Baseball, business major

Logan Maxwell–Baseball, business major

Hunter Teplansky–Baseball, movement science specialization

Grey Thomas–Baseball, business major

Cole contempt— Men’s Basketball, Business Specialization

Noah Bolticoff–Football, criminal justice specialization

Matthew Kerr–Football, specialization in communication

David Ekdal–Men’s Swimming and Diving, Business Major

Philip Endom–Swimming and diving for men, specialization in speech therapy

Alec Hubbard–Men’s swimming and diving, majoring in mechanical engineering

James Litchfield–Men’s swimming and diving, majoring in graphic design

Tristan McFarland–Men’s Swimming and Diving, Business Major

Brady White–Men’s Swimming and Diving, Communication Specialization

Jadon Wuilliez–Men’s swimming and diving, majoring in mechanical engineering

Him maxte–Men’s Tennis, Major in Economics

Rock burk–Men’s athletics, majoring in business

Brice Fisherman–Men’s athletics, specialization in communication

Clay macdonalds–Men’s athletics, majoring in business

Finnish Riley–Men’s athletics, specializing in political science and communications

Noah Winters–Men’s athletics, majoring in economics

Paige Bradley–Women’s Basketball, Business Specialization

sydney Dunham–Horseback Riding, Specialization in Child Development

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Emily Lucibello–Horse riding, business specialty

Chloe pebbles–Horse riding, specialization in strategic communication

Laurel Black-smith–Horse riding, business specialty

Jenevieve welker–Horseback Riding, Criminal Justice Specialization

Elizabeth West–Horse riding, specialty biology

Avery Blake–Women’s Golf, Business Specialization

Caitlyn macnab–Women’s Golf, Health and Fitness Specialization

Anna White–Rifle, deaf and hard of hearing specialization

Gianna Yokoe–Rifle, specialization in psychology

Jacqueline Barnes–Soccer, business major

Brenna Brosma–Soccer, health and fitness specialization

Paige Crews–Soccer, pre-major

Camryn Lancaster–Soccer, specialization in strategic communication

lauren Memoly–Soccer, business major

Olivier Pena–Soccer, majoring in interior design

Luna Araco Dominguez–Beach Volleyball, Business Specialization

Hailey Hamlet–Beach Volleyball, Business Specialization

Josephine Sak–Beach Volleyball, specialization in movement sciences

Clear Shahbandour–Women’s Swimming and Diving, Political Science Major – International

Joan Dahmen–Women’s Swimming and Diving, Health and Fitness Specialization

Jordan Edwards–Women’s Swimming and Diving, Criminal Justice Specialization

Anna Kwong–Women’s Swimming and Diving, Major in Biology

Rylee Moore–Women’s Swimming and Diving, Major in Biology

Olivier Rhodes–Women’s swimming and diving, nutrition specialization

Ibukunoluwa Alusa–Women’s athletics, majoring in biology

Samantha Callaway–Women’s athletics, majoring in interior design

Emma See as well–Women’s athletics, with specialization in the deaf and hard of hearing

Cecilia Bramschreiber— Volleyball, interior design specialization

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