Saint Paul Abode features a farm fresh design

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Teele Schneider, also known as Atypical Teele on her digital and popular blog Instagram account, is a social media creator with a natural gift for design. But when she and her husband moved into this Cape Cod-style home in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood in 2016, much of the major remodeling was already done. The previous owners renovated and removed almost all of the original features, but thankfully kept the original hardwood floors, something Schneider will never replace, no matter how creaky and squeaky they are, she says. Although some elements of the house are new, Schneider preserves its old-fashioned vibe by incorporating antique pieces she finds at local stores like Missouri Mouse and the St. Paul Shopping Center—both located on Selby Avenue in St. Paul.

To make the farmhouse-inspired space fresh and bright, much of Schneider’s century-old abode is predominantly white, displaying a few pops of color infused through indoor planters, patterned wallpaper or blankets and blankets. neutral pillows. She says that although she uses a lot of white, she wants her home to be “comfortable, warm and inviting” and encourages her guests to feel at home. Her biggest piece of advice for anyone looking to elevate their own space is to “stay true to your style. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that you make your home a place where you are happy to be. Follow Schneider on social media at read his blog at for home, travel and lifestyle content you’ll love.

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