Redevelopment of Delhi’s 5 popular markets: survey to define a new design and take stock of the facilities

On the heels of its proposals for the redevelopment of five popular markets, the Delhi government has started preliminary work for their revamp. The government will conduct an online survey of traders in the five markets to take stock of the facilities lacking in the markets.

Kamla Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Khari Baoli Spice Market, Lajpat Nagar and Kirti Nagar Furniture Markets are the five markets that will get a makeover under the market redevelopment project.

As part of this survey, the government will collect information on the number of stores, number of floors, size of stores, number of female and male employees deployed and their details, among others. A Google form will be published in which merchants must submit all the information requested by the government.

According to AAP and Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTI) leader Brijesh Goyal, based on the information gathered from the survey, the architects will draw up plans for the redevelopment process.

“We will collect important information from merchants through this survey. For example, if we have data on the number of women employed, it will be useful in deciding on the construction of toilets and other facilities. Also, the truthfulness of the information provided by the survey will help architects prepare detailed project reports,” said Goyal.

The survey will be conducted by the government in association with market associations. Information such as the market body they (the traders) are affiliated with, name and nature of their business, business address, mobile phone number, email id, name, details of employees, their gender, sex, and other demographic details who visit the daily market, footfall, etc. will be collected.

Goyal said the Kejriwal government informed traders about every process and decision.

The project is one of the AAP’s most ambitious projects announced in the 2022-23 annual budget to generate jobs. A budget of Rs 100 crore has been allocated for the redevelopment project.

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