Record-breaking month: June markets and daily business at the Dallas Market Center hit all-time highs as buyers descend on the market and place orders

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DALLAS – July 6, 2021 – The just ended June was the biggest summer month for shopper traffic in more than a decade, according to the Dallas Market Center. The Apparel and Accessories Marketplace, Total Home & Gift Market, KidsWorld and Lightovation have collectively welcomed tens of thousands of buyers from all 50 states. In addition, the number of visitors to the Design showrooms open daily on the more than one million square feet of the market continued to increase.

The number of new buyers visiting the market highlighted the footfall data. From June 1 to June 30, there was an extraordinary increase of 75% of first-time buyers, a number never seen before by the marketplace. In addition, the market has welcomed more buyers from geographic regions outside of its core business area of ​​TOLA (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas). The marketplace saw a 31% increase in Western shoppers, a 44% increase in Midwest shoppers, and a 58% increase in Southeast shoppers from June 2019. Total attendance at these regions grew at a faster rate than in June 2019. more than a decade.

“June was the very successful culmination of the efforts we have undertaken for many months and of a strong partnership with our exhibitors and representatives to create a safe and inspiring market,” said Cindy morris, President and CEO of the Dallas Market Center. “Word got out and the momentum is incredible. We’re a market that attracts buyers from across the country, and we’re the new home for thousands of buyers from Seattle to Miami. But business doesn’t stop; we have several business events throughout the summer and fall along with our unrivaled daily traffic.

Strong points:

  • The clothing and accessories market saw a 48% increase in the number of buyers and welcomed more buyers from across the country. At the same time, the exhibition space was full and surplus exhibitors occupied temporary exhibition space created to meet demand.
  • Total Home & Gift Market welcomed more buyers than in several years, including a 40% increase in new buyers and a record increase in footfall by buyers in the Midwest, Southeast and West.
  • Lightovation returned to a full-format show and had attendance that was 90% of pre-pandemic levels. The House of Lighting saw the start of new and enlarged showrooms of major brands.
  • KidsWorld has seen a more than 50% increase in the number of buyers, including retailers from 40 states.
  • Daily design traffic remains at historic levels as interior designers serve clients eager to improve furnishings and redesign spaces and daily open design showrooms balance immediate delivery needs with writing orders.

Buyers with significant influence and purchasing power visited the market, including single and multi-location retailers, buying groups, department stores and interior design companies, as well as more than forty associations. Leading Homeware & Gourmet, Lighting, Independent Retail, Home Decor, Toys, Builders, Home Decor, Gift, Floral, Vacation, Spa, Sustainability and nursery and landscape.

“Top store buyers visiting in June, representing some of the largest retailers in the United States, were eager to discover new products in every neighborhood in our market,” said Eva walsh, executive vice president of business development and leasing. “We started raising awareness months ago to support their shopping trips. The same goes for buying groups and associations like GC Buying Group, Monograms America, HTI, Southwest Buying Group, Purchasing Power Plus, Boutique Hub and many more.

Adopting new styles, stocking depleted stocks, and shopping efficiently across all lifestyle categories were the top reasons shoppers gave for deciding to visit the Dallas Market Center. Said Lisa Doss, Owner of Muse inspired fashion stores in Tennessee, Louisiana and Florida: “The reason I chose Dallas is that it’s all under one roof.” Stacy coleman with Saint Anthony Hospital Gift Shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma added, “We’ve been to other markets in other cities in the past, but we really found out that we can find it all here. And Keith manoy, co-owner of the Dallas boutique Indigo 1745, said: “What I really like about the Dallas Market is that it’s a complete shopping experience. We’re a clothing store, but we also try to find unique gifts and accessories, and at Dallas Market we have it all.

The exhibitors noted the activity that took place throughout the month: “Ivy stone welcomed buyers throughout the month of June, ”said monique loving, vice-president of the gifts and lifestyle showroom. “Our apparel and gift / home fairs were both very successful. We have seen significant growth in both cases.

Clothing & Accessories districts, Mike Stevenson with the Dressed2Kill observed exhibition hall. “June has been amazing,” said, “We saw stores from all over the country, including stores from all over California. It has been phenomenal, compared to last June we have increased orders by at least 60%. »Added David hinson with the David Jeffrey fashion accessories brand: “The two markets in June resulted in a significant increase in sales for us. The average order was up and we opened many new accounts. They were ready to buy, especially for products that were ready to ship.

Home furniture showrooms not only benefited from market traffic, but also daily business. David Gebhart, co-founder and CEO of Global views commented, “We had a good show, but the open daily activity is one of the key points of being at the Dallas Market Center. With day-to-day business as strong as it is here, it really is a great place. C. Maddox co-owner Amber Graves observed, “We will have the biggest month we have ever had. We are also confident that this trend will continue in the months to come. Paul Michel, owner of a furniture showroom Market Hill on 6, agreed, “The shopping is done every day in Dallas. It’s been a huge month and we have incredible momentum.

Supporting the comfort, health and safety of all participants, the Marketplace is pursuing the important health measures outlined through the plan available on the home page of the website.

For upcoming markets, visit the Dallas Market Center website and download the Dallas Market Center mobile app. Also keep up to date with all the information by visiting the Dallas Market Center on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and DMC Daily Dose.

About Dallas Market Center

Dallas Market Center is a global business-to-business mall and leading wholesale marketplace in North America, connecting retailers and interior designers with leading manufacturers of gourmet and household goods, home decor, holiday / flower, gift , lighting and clothing. Within its vibrant five million square foot campus, nearly 200,000 customers in 50 states and 85 countries research industry trends, business training and new products from exhibitors throughout the year through mainstream business events for gifts, home decor, holidays and flowers; the country’s most comprehensive clothing and accessories markets, showcasing the latest styles from East Coast and West Coast designers; the largest commercial residential lighting event in North America; and the biggest and most successful design center open every day. The market is located in the strongest economic zone of the country. Additionally, over 80% of Dallas Market Center shoppers say they don’t buy from other market centers. To plan for upcoming markets, visit the Dallas Market Center website and download the Dallas Market Center app. Also keep up to date with all the information by visiting the Dallas Market Center on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Dallas Market Center blog.

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