Ravensbourne University in London highlights eight architectural projects

A dog-friendly shelter for the homeless and a community building for local foraging are included in Dezeen’s latest school show by Ravensbourne University in London.

A model-making workshop for socially excluded youth from Peckham Rye and a community farmer’s market where people can grow their own vegetables are also included.

The school: Ravensbourne University in London
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture Interior Design and BA (Hons) Cityscape Architecture
Tutors: Alberto Villanueva, Felicity Atekpe, Hwei-Fan Liang, Darren Stacey, Andrew Ó’Murchú, Hannah Fothergill, Matthew Lucraft, Stefano Paiocchi and Giulliana Giorgi

School statement:

“The Department of Architecture at Ravensbourne University in London is an exciting creative community focused on training architects who will imagine and shape the future. We challenge our students to come up with solutions to transform communities with an approach social and sustainable Our students learn by engaging with industry – relevant topics together within and between courses, providing the skills and opportunities they need to start their careers.

“Architecture at Ravensbourne offers a unique interdisciplinary approach where our students benefit from a rich background in architecture, interior design and cityscape, but also benefit from working with students in film, animation, product design or fashion. It is a unique range of courses to prepare our students for the creative industries.

“This year our students are committed to bringing innovative and creative proposals to the Rye Lane area of ​​Peckham. With a local community as diverse as our students, the area has gone from a relatively low rent to one of frontiers of gentrification in London.New arts and experimental adaptive reuse projects intertwine with a vibrant and established commercial street life.

“Our students explored topics such as urban food production and multicultural markets, alternative youth and care centers, patterns of life on and near main streets, as well as new materials and future burial traditions. To present their work, we have built a virtual gallery. “

Beyond Borders by Lovely Javier

“In keeping with the famous artistic culture of Peckham and Southwark, this project aims to cultivate that by creating spaces that will showcase the work of local artists and inspire future creative generations.

“The project aims to provide security and connectivity to the entire community of Peckham by blurring the lines between the private and public realms while challenging the notion of being supervised. The multipurpose space consists of a gallery art, a workshop space, a reading space / sensory room and a café. “

Student: Beautiful Javier
BA (Hons) Interior Design Environmental Architectures
Instagram: architecture
Matthew Lucraft, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

A space model for flexible urban living

Flexible Urban Life (FUL) by Edgar Maciulis

“Flexible Urban Living is a schematic proposal that aims to address some of the many challenges facing cities around the world, starting with Peckham. It has become evident that unless we rethink the way we think about our built environment, our cities will continue to be unsustainable and unaffordable. FUL plans to provide affordable, high quality housing that works alongside growing families.

“In a setting that merges habitable homes with shared private and public common areas. The FUL Living Experience uses modular prefabricated homes with adaptable furniture that allow you to customize your living space as you wish, away from it all. one size fits all that fits all layouts typically seen throughout housing development.

“The FUL building system is designed to fit any site while providing a much faster way to build. Using timber and flat prefabricated methods that are used to build its common areas and of life. reduction mode of construction. “

Student: Edgar Maciulis
BA (Hons) Architecture
Instagram: _em.architectes_
Tutors: Alberto Villanueva, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

A visualization of a family learning to grow their food

Grow, share, educate by Nikita Morar

“Grow, Share, Educate is a fantastic opportunity with many benefits for the London Borough of Southwark Council. The project will redevelop 117-125 Peckham Rye Lane.

“On three floors, it will provide a community center made up of four concepts; a space to grow fruits and vegetables, an open space for the community (which can be used as a farmer’s market), an education center and a meeting space for The Four Elements will bring the community together and strengthen community bonds.

Student: Nikita Morar
BA (Hons) Interior Design Environmental Architectures
Matthew Lucraft, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

A visualization of a model workshop

Made in Peckham by Omar Safdari

“My project proposal consists of model-making workshop spaces given to socially excluded youth in Peckham Rye. The design shows the complexity of the site’s topography and vegetation, socio-cultural collaboration, and a variety of sustainable strategies and designs.

Student: Omar Safdari
BA (Hons) Architecture
Felicity Atekpe, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

A community center where people can eat

Radical Food Landscapes – The Urban Living Experience by Reesha Sudra

“Radical Food Landscapes acts as a social life experiment to test whether this idea could be a viable and sustainable way of life in the city. This implies that residents live on site and actively participate in the maintenance of cultivation products.

“The construction program is to forage, cultivate and live, where the ultimate goal is to promote the ideology of the city as a place of production rather than mere consumption.

“The project offers a new way to grow and is testing the urban realm to see how we can move forward to increase food security in all regions of the world.”

Student: Reesha Sudra
BA (Hons) Architecture
Andrew Ó’Murchu, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

A dog-friendly shelter for the homeless

Copeland Shelter and Veterinary Clinic by Alex Moran

“This project is a dog friendly homeless shelter focused on cohabitation and dog friendly design to address the issue of homeless people abandoning their dogs in order to find a safe place to sleep.

“Through the use of a street veterinary clinic, individual rooms, a main support building and the linear public landscape, the project meets the needs of both dogs and humans, providing spaces for privacy. , socialization and interaction, and a new park for the whole community. “

Student: Alex Moran
BA (Hons) Architecture
Hannah Fothergill, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

An illustration of a center designed to help people mental health

Vision Care Shelter Duo by Sara Md

The Duo Vision Care Shelter has been carefully designed as temporary home-like accommodation. It consists of a communal public garden filled with greenery, leading users to the shared public swimming pool and the private roof garden, which is only dedicated to the retirement home residence.

“These integrated shelter programs have been proposed to keep young adolescents out of conflict in Peckham. Therefore, this will help bring peace and restore positive mental health.”

Student: Sara Md
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture
Stefano Paiocchi, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey

An architectural visualization

Uplifting Communities by Isobel Clancy

“It seems impossible to name a location in central London where gentrification is not happening, and Peckham is no exception. This project aims to create a central community hub both for the various existing micro-communities of Peckham and for those relocating with new development.

“Peckham Rye Square consists of an elevated public space, market space and community spaces for the people of Peckham to exchange skills, conversations and meals. While creating seamless access to bustling Peckham Rye station at street level. “

Student: Isobel Clancy
Course: BA (Hons) Interior Design Environmental Architectures
Tutors: Matthew Lucraft, Felicity Atekpe, Hwei-Fan Liang and Darren Stacey
E-mail: issyclancy96[at]gmail.com

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