Queer Eye star designer Bobby Berk talks life and design with AD

What episode are you talking about?

The world will never know. I think our fan base is so strong, and we don’t want them going after someone we’re trying to help. So who it was will forever be my secret.

is there strange eye makeover that stands out in your mind?

Well we’ve done almost 70 episodes now … But I really liked Neil from season 1, he had a great townhouse in Atlanta. Or AJ’s loft, also from Season 1. It really suited my personal aesthetic. And then of course Queer Eye in Japan, where I made the really cool pink bedroom for Kae Tanaka.

What can you tell us about the new season of Queer Eye? They had to stop shooting because of the Covid-19.

We shot it in Austin and started in early 2020 before closing. We haven’t even finished shooting an episode. We thought we would take a two week break and then we would continue. Then it took almost two years. strange eye is about real connections, there is a lot of embrace. So it took us a while before we could safely start filming again. The new season is going to be very emotional – I think this could be our best strange eye season again.

4 quick questions for Bobby Berk

City life or country life? Formerly a town, now a countryside.

New York or Los Angeles? After 14 years in New York, LA.

Airbnb or hotel? More and more often Airbnb.

At the restaurant or at home? Since we have a cook: at home.

How long does it actually take you to redecorate a house in episodes of Queer Eye?

I receive homes Tuesday and I have until Friday. The guys and I have about five days for each episode.

You are also a part of the Netflix glassblowing show Soufflé

When I first heard about it I thought, oh my god, now Netflix is ​​running out of ideas. A show on glassblowing? Then I watched the whole season in one day. Glassblowing is surprisingly entertaining! I was a guest judge on season two and loved it so much, then Netflix invited me to host the Christmas season.


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