Pinnacle Industries teams up with Cityflo for the interior design of its exclusive new bus – Punekar News

Pune, June 15, 2022: Pinnacle Industries, India’s only integrated commercial vehicle seating and interiors company offering end-to-end solutions for commercial vehicle OEMs in the ICE and EV space, is once again leading the way by partnering with Cityflo, Mumbai’s app-based transport company, to design, develop and manufacture the seats and interiors of their exclusive new bus. It is a one-of-a-kind bus design in the country, designed specifically for Indian urban commuters. Cityflo aims to add 1,500 new such buses which will serve 1 Lakh customer over the next 2 years.

Pinnacle Industries is India’s leading supplier of automotive interiors, seating systems, electric vehicle components, specialty vehicles, railway seats and electric vehicles. The design and manufacturing process of the Cityflo bus took almost 2 years and saw the coming together of key pillars of the mobility industry to create the next bus edition. Pinnacle Industries worked on the design, development and manufacture of seats, interior trim panels, luggage racks, driver’s partitions/magazine racks, umbrella stands, roof, floor and interior lighting. atmosphere for the new bus owner.

The design, development and manufacture of the interiors of Cityflo’s exclusive new bus were carried out by Pinnacles Industries. Based on extensive research with Cityflo’s customer base, three prototypes of the seat were created before arriving at the final seat form, which took into account the behavior of customers on board the bus. The bus was built with various iterations to meet the required standards and expectations using the Bharat Benz chassis. The interior of the existing bus was completely redesigned and converted accordingly to the new look.

Speaking on the partnership, Mr. Arihant Mehta, President of Pinnacle Industries Limited, pointed out, “Our partnership with Cityflo ensures the best comfort for the passenger journey. This collaboration reinforces our goal of positioning Pinnacle Industries as a leader in the field of commercial mobility. I am confident that Pinnacle and Cityflo will provide much more improved transportation for Indian roads. »

Speaking of collaboration, Vipin Joe, Creative Head, Cityflo said: “Our partnership with Pinnacle Industries has been instrumental in designing a truly unique customer experience for the Cityflo customer. With expertise in the development of automotive interiors and seating systems, Pinnacle provided us with the best design, prototyping and manufacturing resources based on our brief. Our collaboration with them continues as we continue to test and improve our interiors.

The new ergonomic seat profile includes an adjustable neck rest with memory foam cushions, rigid lumbar support, individual charging ports per passenger, a center armrest between the seats and an intuitive recline and tilt mechanism. seat sliding for a smoother experience in a shared ride.

Along with the seat itself, the overhead rack has been redesigned to increase headroom and improve perceived bulk on the bus. The aesthetics and surroundings of the bus have also been given a facelift with the incorporation of a more upmarket color scheme, sturdier materials and mood lighting to induce a calm, comfortable and relaxed environment. .

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