PetSmart teams up with interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent to launch a new collection that brings style, beauty and functionality to pet parents

The exclusive Nate + Jeremiah for PetSmart line includes furniture, accessories and décor for small pets, reptiles and fish

PHOENIX, September 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PetSmart Enhances Specialty Decor for Pets and Homes with World-Renowned Interior Designers Nate Berkus and Jeremy Brent by launching an exclusive collection allowing pets and their parents to live more beautifully, stylishly and comfortably – together. From a faux leather couch for guinea pigs and hamsters to a mahogany stand to showcase aquatic life, the collection is a first of its kind for the specialty pet category and features items that can be layered in a variety of looks and styles. Nate + Jeremiah products for PetSmart are carefully created to give pets everything they need in the perfect environment for them and the people who love them.

“We will do everything for pets, and with this new collection, pet owners won’t have to sacrifice personal aesthetics to provide them with a wonderful home,” said Stacia Anderson, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at PetSmart. “We’re seeing pet owners become more interested in integrating their pets into their homes and, by bringing together Nate and Jeremiah and our unparalleled expertise in pet care, we’ve created a line as beautiful as it is functional. We hope to inspire people to share their living spaces with the animals they love and make their habitats the centerpiece of the room.”

Berkus and Brent are known around the world for their sleek aesthetics and accessible home collections. Their partnership with PetSmart has given them a new opportunity to create environments and products for pets.

“We wanted to create a collection for PetSmart that helps bring people and pets even closer together,” Berkus said. “Our design ethos is rooted in creating warm and welcoming spaces. With this collection, we hope we’ve been able to give pets the same level of functionality and style as their parents.”

Both drew inspiration from the clean lines of mid-century modern design and used colors, materials, and textures that have an organic, natural feel.

“We loved the challenge of bringing to life spaces and atmospheres that not only feel rich in personality but can also be worked in a variety of styles. The idea was to create furniture and accessories that are contemporary but also timeless – objects that tell the story of the people and animals that live there,” Brent said.

The Nate + Jeremiah Collection for PetSmart includes:

  • Decoration and accessories for hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils and other small pets, such as leatherette and Sherpa sofas for relaxation, a yurt for pet privacy, and different chews and cosmetic herbs for foraging and mental stimulation.
  • An assortment of stands in a variety of water-resistant finishes, including Spiced Mahogany, Raven Oak, and Faux Marble. Pet parents can use the stands for fish tanks, reptile terrariums, or small pet habitats, and each offers ample storage space with drawers and cord management.
  • Aquatic accessories and decorations adapted to different fish species, including wooden archways and ribbed stone towers that provide fish with spaces to swim and hide. Decorative plants in the collection provide shelter for fish and allow pet owners to further customize their aquariums.
  • Perfect accessories for bearded dragons, lizards, snakes and other reptiles to relax and bask in the warmth and light, including a wooden tower and stone bath and hideout that reference environments, colors and textures of their natural habitats.
  • Modern, easy-to-clean water and food dishes for a variety of species that match the aesthetics of the pet’s space as well as that of the pet’s parents.

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