Paint ideas to enhance any room – designer tips to bring color to your home

We’ve all looked at our homes from a new perspective in recent years and many have re-evaluated the decorating choices we once made – thinking of how to update and freshen up tired rooms with quick and easy painting ideas. easy.

Giving walls, woodwork or even ceilings a fresh coat of color can totally transform any living space and a simple shade of paint can have a huge effect on our emotions, happiness and well-being. Taking inspiration from the most cutting-edge interior designers, restaurants, and homes, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite paint hacks, styles, and effects for every room. So if you were looking for a weekend project to update your home, whether it’s changing the color of your living room or changing the shade of your kitchen cabinets, we have a lot of …

Modern painting ideas

1. Transform with two-tone walls

Wooden door with black frame and surrounding walls painted in beige and taupe with a black dado rail in the middle

(Image credit: Soho House Amsterdam)

Two-tone walls with the introduction of a grooved rail that extends between colors are one of the trendiest ways to transform a room. A dado is an architectural molding often found in most Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian homes where period features have been preserved or restored. They are used in modern interiors to create a break between the lower and upper part of a wall and a fun opportunity to use a variety of wall coverings or colors in the same room.

“For the chic hallways at Soho House Amsterdam, we painted the lower half of the walls a creamy coffee color and used a light neutral on top, then added a sleek black line and black door frames to create a connection. strong visual, ”says Sevverine Lamonglia, lead designer at Soho House. “Two-tone walls can transform a space, they add depth and detail to a wall. It’s also easy to do and it’s a cost effective way to add character. ‘

2. Associate your baseboard with the wallpaper

Bedroom with blue patterned wallpaper and shiny blue plinth

(Image credit: The Bear Inn)

A really easy way to update your bedroom colors (or the colors of any room) that doesn’t require a complete overhaul and most likely a relaxing afternoon of DIY is to paint baseboards which are often simple. in a vivid shade.

“Baseboards and cornices don’t have to be off-white, and eggshell and shine don’t have to be just for woodwork,” says interior designer Octavia Dickinson. “While decorating a room at The Bear Inn, Hodnet, I chose colors in the wallpaper and painted the baseboards a shiny, shiny blue that instantly modernizes the room and frames the wallpaper. “

3. Use a trendy plaster finish

Bathroom with pink plaster walls and mint green chandelier

(Image credit: Holloway Li)

Rough plaster walls have a beautiful texture and inject a touch of subtle earthy color into your home. They provide a gorgeous canvas for brighter colors to shine too, from pastels to bold neon lights like in this bright bathroom by interior designers Holloway Li.

“Do not use any paint and keep the look of raw plaster,” advises Alex Holloway, founder of Holloway Li Interior Architects. “We found a sealer called PROTECTiT100 which bonds the raw plaster together so that it doesn’t leave a dusty deposit and means the space captures the raw feel and is very easy to repair and mend over time, without having to. repaint the whole room each time. ‘

4. Go everywhere with a wash of the same shade

Living room painted in smoky gray with charcoal walls and dark gray curtains

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

Layering the same color in a range of hues in a room can be a striking technique in itself. It’s a sleek technique that has longevity and feels like a modern update.

“In this living room, we matched the curtains with the color of the paint to give the room an overall feel,” Camilla Clarke, Creative Director at Albion Nord. “Down Pipe by Farrow and Ball is a color that looks great during the day but also becomes very comfortable and inviting at night when illuminated by a lamp. The color has been used on walls, architectural details, architraves doors and windows.This gives a more contemporary touch to the room and also makes it more cohesive.

5. Color contrast of adjacent rooms

Green room with pink hallway beyond

(Image credit: Natalie Tredgett)

Choosing contrasting colors in adjacent rooms and taking into account how the colors of the rooms look when viewed from one to another is a nifty way to create a flow of hues throughout the space. This pretty jade green bedroom opens onto a candy pink hallway, one of a series of colorful bedrooms designed by Natalie Tredgett.

“When deciding what colors to use in two adjacent rooms, consider the conversation between the spaces,” says Natalie. “Our eye is drawn to warmer colors, so go with a pink, coral, or terracotta to naturally draw someone in that direction. Then create layers and complexity by giving the next room a cooler color like green, teal or blue. ‘

6. Superimpose a symphony of whites

White kitchen flooded with light and wooden and silver utensils

(Image credit: Tutti Meme)

Is all white really a color update when it is one of the most common color choices when decorating an interior? Far from being ordinary and safe, this pretty white kitchen owned by designer Caroline Feiffer layers a symphony of whites in a range of finishes and showcases shimmers of glossy white marble and burnished silver details from kitchen accessories and pipes. exposed.

“I like a gallery approach to design in general, using white space and so objects can stand out without any noise. »Declares Caroline Feiffer, founder of the Tutti Meme studio. “So I naturally turn to whites and especially warmer whites, because they give the impression of sunlight. The color of this kitchen in our old Copenhagen townhouse apartment features a brighter matte white on the walls, the beams a warmer shade, and for the kitchen a warm farrow and ball white called Pointing No. 2003, a warm and delicate white. ‘

7. Pop the door frames

A white room with traditional painted door in a bright blue door frame

(Image credit: Farrow and Ball)

There’s nothing like a bold, shiny pop of color to instantly energize and modernize a traditional space. This generously proportioned Victorian home features paper-white walls with door trims chosen in brilliant blue.

“Choose door frames in contrasting hues to introduce some excitement. ”Says Joa Studholme, Color Curator at Farrow and Ball. “School House White is clean, timeless and familiar on the walls, but has a subtle sophistication that makes it the perfect film for stronger hues like the vivid tones of Stone Blue, used here on the door frame. “

8. Embrace the trend of glossy finishes

A dining table in a restaurant with shiny yellow walls

(Image credit: Fettle)

Inspiration for painting ideas is everywhere, and borrowing from your favorite restaurants and design hangouts is an exciting way to bring some of that social buzz home. As evidenced by this new Isola restaurant in Soho designed by interior designers Fettle, gloss is back and shaping up to be a huge interior design trend for 2022.

“The color palette of the Isola restaurant was inspired by the great Sicilian mansions,” says Andy Goodwin, founder of Fettle. “We used pale yellow polished plaster with a high gloss finish and applied it with a brush to ensure the strokes create movement and texture. Using high gloss paint finishes helps ensure that available natural light bounces back into the room. ‘

What are the colors of the modern house?

The most common color for a modern scheme is white, but it can be any shade – gray, beige, blue or red. The trick is to choose a shade that you can live with in high doses, day in and day out. Then choose wall paint, flooring, and furniture that is in that color strip.

What are the new neutral paint colors for 2022?

Gray is out and beige, taupe and sand yellows are the new warm neutrals. And the warmest colors on the spectrum will stand out this year.

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