July 13, 2019

Online banking is cheap and easy

The turbulent years that we Dutch have baptized the crisis have not ignored a group like XYZ bank. Just like almost all other major banks, these years have also had an impact on the staff, products and services of this bank. If you are in the corner where the blows fall, you have two options. The first is to push you further in the corner and to appropriate the victim role. The second option is to take the blows that you receive, learn from a number of things and come out stronger. Online banking at XYZ is a good example of this, it is one of the most comprehensive forms of online banking.

Online banking

Online banking

Fortunately, XYZ has opted for option 2 and is today a modern bank that is completely geared to the future. XYZ and online banking belong more together than ever before. Online banking is the future and XYZ has understood this well. The bank has made online banking very accessible and well-arranged for all its customers.

The possibilities


You can access XYZ’s online banking by logging in via “my XYZ”. For this you need a username and password. After completing this you will end up in your own “online banking environment”. The screens are clear and well-structured, making it easy to do what you want to do. There are a good number of banking matters that you can do yourself. You can think of:

1. Make payments
2. Open payment and savings accounts
3. Re-applying for bank cards, credit cards and pin codes
4. Apply for a credit facility on your checking account
5. Transfer amounts that are automatically debited from your account
6. Take out insurance and manage it

But it goes further


But XYZ and online banking go further than just banking via PC or laptop. A little bank nowadays also has an app. You can also arrange many things yourself via the XYZ app. At the moment there are still a number of things that you can arrange via laptop or PC, but not yet via the app. Naturally, XYZ is working hard to make as many services as possible available via the app.

Future expectation

Future expectation

The future expectation with regard to XYZ and online banking is that more and more complex services and products are being released to be able to arrange themselves. Investment products and mortgage products are examples of this and it seems only a matter of time before these products can be arranged and concluded entirely online.

It looks good

In conclusion, the conclusion is justified that XYZ has embraced the future. Yet XYZ does not lose sight of its customers who are less future-proof when it comes to online banking. Especially for this group of people, workshops are given in online banking. For example, online banking at XYZ is available and accessible to everyone.