New Technology to Revolutionize the Design Process for New Home Builders

While research proves that show homes are still the main source of inspiration for new builds, Covid has had a marked impact on the number of visits and Stonewood Homes has introduced New Zealand-first technology to help customers in the design choice.

Stonewood Homes has created new virtual show homes, 10 fully interactive 3D walkthroughs that also display product information at the click of a mouse and allow people to view what would be as close to the actual finish as possible and build quality.

“This is the first time this type of virtual technology has been used in New Zealand and it will change the home building experience for customers. The quality of the renders is impressive and unlike anything we have seen before,” Stonewood Homes general manager Gregg Somerville said.

Architect Peter Mannion, the lead designer of Stonewood Homes home plans, created the virtual home experience and said it takes home design planning to the next level, giving new builders of houses a 100% understanding of the design of the house.

“It’s a real game changer for new home builders, speeding up the planning process and giving them certainty in their design choices,” said Peter. “The walkthroughs allow potential new home buyers to control their viewing experience, going back and forth between rooms with an eerie, realistic experience.

“The other benefit is that people can also click on information buttons outside and inside the house and view specific information about manufacturers and products related to building materials.”

Somerville said COVID has moved new home construction research even further online and the introduction of technology allows for a more thorough process.

“People are more comfortable online now than they ever have been before, and that shift in consumption has remained even with the lifting of restrictions. The technology behind virtual display homes means that people can easily walk into a new home from the comfort of their current home, but can drill down into details such as lighting, roofing, paint, carpeting, windows and household appliances used in an individual. house design.

“This will be a very useful tool for new home buyers and will remove some of the uncertainty around design and product choices that sometimes makes people a little anxious during the construction process.”

The virtual display homes featured the 10 most popular home designs from Stonewood’s new Evoke range and gave people a chance to explore designs that had been created by an architect to maximize space in homes.

“Available land for new homes is becoming increasingly scarce in New Zealand and the average block size is decreasing and the Evoke range has been designed in response to this,” he said.

All tours can be explored at


Research from Stonewood Homes revealed the top three places to look for inspiration to build a new home.

1. Show houses

2. Advice from a professional builder

3. Online home sites

The use of technology is a first in New Zealand.

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