New interior design store brings a new sense of style to Naperville

Naperville has added a business to its downtown that brings a new sense of style


Homeowned by Napervillian Lauren Fasolo, helps clients create interior design plans and offers select pieces for purchase.

“So they are welcome to come in and shop for themselves if they have something in mind, or if one of the design team members can help. If they even had a floor plan, we can help with the carpet, the sofa, the lighting, the accessories, everything,” Fasolo said.

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Fasolo has been running her business and designing home interiors in Chicago for 12 years, but she chose Naperville to be the home of her first showcase.

“I came back here because my family and friends were there and I like working with them. You know, a lot of people I work with today are people I’ve known for a really long time,” Fasolo explained.

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Last Friday, Ellce Home held a private grand opening of the new store located at 21 W. Jefferson Ave. Fasolo said it was satisfying to see his long-held vision for the store come to fruition.

“You know it was a dream, honestly. Like I said, ever since I was about 14, I’d been rearranging my bedroom so I could have a bit more private space to get away from my sister at the time, or for things to work better in my life. So to finally be able to access the store that I dreamed of when I created the name Ellce Home 20 years ago, it’s really cool,” concluded Fasolo.

For Naperville News 17I am Ryan Sartori.

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