Minecraft Design Ideas for Sky Fortresses and Cloudy Cities

Minecraft’s skies provide a great opportunity for building bases or even larger creations such as floating fortresses and cloudy cities.

There are over 60 biomes in Minecraft, and more are added regularly with updates from Mojang Studios. With that in mind, it can be difficult to know where to build a base. The sky is a great option that many players don’t consider, in part because it’s so difficult to access for most crowds. Here are some great design ideas to help inspire sky builds in Minecraft.

The sky will soon be bigger than ever with the upcoming release of Minecraft‘s Caves and cliffs part 2 updated during the 2021 holiday season, which will increase the global height limit from around 250 blocks to over 300. This means the bases can be taller than ever before. It also potentially paves the way for future Minecraft updates to be released later down the line.

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Caves and cliffs part 2 will also change how monster spawning works, at least according to Minecraft Experimental Snapshot 1.18 which is currently available for download. In previous editions of Minecraft, monsters spawned in dimly lit areas. As of 1.18, however, they only appear in complete darkness. This makes it much easier to safely light up a celestial base to better defend players. Even larger constructions, such as floating fortresses and cities in the clouds, can be protected much more effectively.

Build a temple on a sky island in Minecraft

While not all players are looking to create a temple as large as the one created here by Wellandel on Reddit, this is a great point of inspiration for anyone looking to create a more mythical sky. Large structures like this are perfect for taking advantage of Minecraft Spawn changes coming from 1.18 as well.

Minecraft’s floating castle is an imposing base design

Players looking to create a replica of Howl’s Moving Castle could turn away from the idea of ​​the temple and build a castle instead. The floating islands are always a great platform to use in this case, and the waterfalls can provide easy top-to-bottom access as seen in this case. Minecraft castle built by Sven P on Youtube.

Create an entire Minecraft village in the clouds

Those who are still looking to go further can create an entire city rather than just a base in the sky. Players could even use white blocks such as quartz to give the illusion of a village sitting on top of a cloud. RedDragonic on Reddit provides a great visual example. In addition, this idea is particularly useful given the importance of villages in Minecraft. Trading with the villagers offers one of the few opportunities to find a use for any of the Minecraftthe least useful minerals, emeralds.

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Source: Wellandel, Sven P, RedDragonic

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