Los Angeles has the most inspiring design style in the world

In search of interior inspiration, we all sail west, to the chic heart of California: Los Angeles. A recent study ranked this west coast jungle as the most inspiring city in the world for interior decorating ideas following a survey of 34,000 Pinterest boards that serve as a source of influence for households.

With an impressive 1,000 Pinterest boards, money.co.uk revealed that Los Angeles was the most influential city in the study, while Dubai’s escape interiors came in second with 707 dedicated boards. Toronto came in third, with 646 boards created in his honor. So what makes Los Angeles so trendy?

Large dining room in Los Angeles

(Image credit: Future / Ryan Brown)

First, it seems we’re not the only ones to have abused Selling Sunset recently, as these prestigious properties have shaped our modern houses– overflowing rattan included. However, this’ 70s-inspired staple isn’t the only LA-inspired trend we’ve seen this season.

Yes, the city is also responsible for the eclectic statement walls, monochrome upholstery, and leafy houseplants, though the lockdown may also have something to do with those. But how to style our foilage like city experts?

“Plants and trees in interior design add so much to a beautiful design project. I love bringing the outdoors inside, and there’s no better and easier way to do that than a generous sprinkling of greenery in a room, ”says designer Rande Leaman, who organizes events. interiors throughout Los Angeles. She goes on to offer her style tips so you can recreate that sought-after SoCal vibe anywhere.

Los Angeles style houseplant

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

“Tall trees can be a wonderful focal point next to a sofa or tucked away in the corner of a living room. When styling shelves, I place plants among books, artwork, and accessories for a luxurious, collectable look. Plants bring a personal touch to any stylish space and have the added benefit of keeping our air cleaner, ”adds Rande.

With their minimalist hues and nod to organic jewelry, the allure behind Los Angeles is no mystery. May the Californian style capital for a long time influence our modern furniture ideas. If you need us, we’ll be on Pinterest, or a flight to California, naturally.

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