May 21, 2019

Loans for IP

All you need is an ID card – and leave the rest of your personal documents at home. A birth certificate, a school-leaving certificate, an extract from the cadastre of real estate due to a mortgage, simply none of this will be necessary, as a classical loan for an OP is characterized by an absolute minimum of bureaucratic burden. It can even be done in a matter of minutes!


Do not wait, start acting immediately

Do not wait, start acting immediately

Without waiting, without complicated administrative burdens, extensive contracts that are often written in small print and look suspicious at first sight. In short, things without which life can be easily imagined, but sometimes they simply catch up with us. In the world of non-bank lending, this is not the case, as the contract is often written on a single sheet of A4 paper. Nevertheless, it contains everything that it should contain by law.

  1. What will be needed for the loan for the data?

  2. Full date of birth.

  3. Status and place of residence.

  4. Identity card number.

  5. Name and surname.

These are the basic data without which any negotiation of the loan can be done without . It has to be stated always and everywhere for full identification of the applicant, without them the application would simply not be complete and could not be processed by law.

However, be sure that personal data – even those that are often traceable publicly – will not reach any third party and will not be misused in any way. In addition, non-banking companies have their mechanisms in place; in addition, applications are evaluated by a computer vending machine, not by a specific employee.


If you really rush for money

need money

Perhaps there is no better solution. By the way, those who care for confidentiality here will get the maximum possible. Neither sensitive personal information will be leaked, nor will you be aware of borrowing money at all. This is a problem mainly in smaller villages and small towns, less in relatively anonymous Prague. Anyway, it is better if as few people know about a loan for anything , ideally only you or the closest family circle.