Laundry room organization ideas: tips for a neat space

A few great laundry room organization ideas might be the only thing holding you back from having a more efficient home. After all, depending on how you use your laundry room, it may be the toughest workplace in your home. A laundry room often doubles as a hub for laundry, cleaning supplies, and even coats and shoes if it doubles as a mudroom, which presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to keeping things tidy.

“Service room ideas serve multiple purposes and can quickly become a catch-all and spiral out of control before you know it,” says Marissa Hagmeyer, co-founder of luxury organizing service NEAT Method. “When you start organizing your laundry room storage ideas, the first step is to remove everything from the space and sort through all your items to determine what to keep, move to another room, donate, recycle or to throw.”

10 laundry room organization ideas for a tidy space

Once you’ve narrowed down your essentials, it’s time to create a system that will help you store them neatly for the long term. Keep reading to learn how to implement laundry room ideas that will keep your space running smoothly.

1. Group items by function

Neat method of organizing the house

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The organizing process should start with a review of what you want to store. Then group similar items together.

“When organizing a space for multiple purposes, it’s important to separate items by category and create zones for each group,” says Hagmeyer. “For example, put all the cleaning supplies in one area, the laundry in another, the overflow pantry in another, etc. ‘

2. Create “limits” for your articles

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Before you start rearranging things, think about the “boundaries” you need to keep everything in place, says Hagmeyer. Boundaries are basically ways to contain each group of items so that they stay where you want them to live.

His suggestions? ‘Spring Drawer Dividers and Versatile Drawer Inserts are the perfect way to give your drawers a custom organizational solution. Baskets with dividers can hold multiple categories and are sturdy enough to store various household items and tools. Glass jars are great for decanting items like laundry detergent pods, so you know when you’ve run out and need to replace them.

3. Enclosed storage used to contain visual clutter

laundry room organization ideas

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One of the best laundry room storage ideas is to add enclosed storage, in the form of built-in or freestanding cabinets. This will make it easy to store many small items like cleaners and pantry staples without creating visual clutter.

The storage solution you choose will depend on the type of space you have: you can hang laundry cabinets above a washer and dryer, install a narrow floor-to-ceiling cabinet in a corner, or have an old chest of drawers or credenza under a row. wall hooks, for example.

The laundry room, above, is from Northland Design Build.

4. Maximize laundry room organization with behind-the-door storage

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Storage shelves behind the door turn dead space into useful storage space for everything from cleaning supplies and pantry items to gift wrap, coats, and more.

“Behind-the-door shelves are a great way to maximize storage,” says Amy Vance, owner of Modern eco conciergea professional organization and personal assistance company in Houston.

5. Use labels to create a system

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If you’ve ever spent an entire day organizing a closet only to find it gets messy again a few weeks later, then you know that the most important step in organizing is to make sure your efforts last for the long haul.

The best way to do this? Labels. “Don’t forget to add label holders and tags, so your whole house knows exactly where everything is,” says Hagmeyer. Labels turn your storage into a system because you (and your family) will know exactly where to return something every time you use it.

6. Install a storage bench

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Again, a versatile room calls for versatile storage ideas, especially if your laundry room doubles as a mudroom. A storage bench creates a place to sit to put shoes on and a place to store them underneath. Or, if your laundry room doesn’t double as a mudroom, you can use a storage bench as a makeshift ironing board (store your iron underneath) or a place to store handy cubic storage bins.

7. Add Lazy Susans

Organization of the laundry room according to the NEAT method

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If your shelves or cabinets tend to get so cluttered that it’s hard to see what’s inside, try incorporating lazy Susans into your laundry room organization ideas. “Lazy Susan turntables are great for making it easier to see products and know exactly what you have,” says Vance.

8. Install hooks along the length of a wall

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When a room has so many functions, it’s wise to use every inch of it. It also means the walls. Installing a set of hooks along the length of a wall creates a home for items that would otherwise end up on the floor, from coats and backpacks to mops and brooms. Vertical storage is also a practical idea for a small laundry room.

9. Decant like objects in glass containers

glass jars for laundry room storage

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To improve your laundry room organization ideas, consider decanting cleaners and laundry products into glass jars and bottles for a cohesive look. This is especially effective if your available storage consists mostly of open shelving, as it will instantly make your laundry room shelving ideas much tidier.

10. Schedule regular touch-ups

NEAT Method Organization Ideas

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Even the most systematized laundry room organization will take a little effort to maintain. ‘The organization still needs maintenance to keep things in order. If you spend a little time here and there touching up your newly organized space, it should be a breeze to maintain. If you find that your system breaks down easily, you might want to reconsider your categories and try to keep things a little more general,” says Hagmeyer.

What do you store in a laundry room?

A laundry room usually takes on a few functions. Often its primary purpose is as a utility room, but with additional storage space. A laundry room is a good place to store:

  • Great cleaning essentials, like a mop, broom, vacuum, and buckets
  • Extra pantry items and bulk goods, like paper towels and pet food
  • Outerwear, rain and snow gear
  • Laundry essentials like an ironing board and a clothes steamer

How do I organize my laundry room without cabinets?

While cabinets are one of the best laundry room storage ideas, if you don’t have the space for them or the means to install them right now, there are other options.

Shelving should be your first stop because shelving allows you to maximize valuable vertical space in your laundry room.

Then add any brackets. “Command hooks are great for so many things, and are especially useful if you’re using your utility room as a utility room or another multipurpose space as well,” Vance says. You can use them to hang everything from your mop to your ironing board to delicate items that need to air dry.

Finally, if you have the space, consider some sort of floor storage, such as cubbies, a storage bench, or lidded bins to really maximize your laundry room’s organizational potential.

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