Interior Tips: Trends Are Ready To “Instantly Transform” Any Bathroom

Bathrooms were used more often last year as many Britons continued to work from home. Although the bathrooms are not the heart and soul of the property, they are rooms where owners can relax and escape the complexities of everyday life. Decorating the bathroom is a great way to update the home interior and incorporate upcoming trends. For 2022, interior design experts have predicted the top bathroom trends that many are sure to see this year.

Yiota Toumba, senior designer at Ideal Standard UK shared exclusively with the next bathroom trends for this year.

She explained how simple bathroom designs will go out of style as many want interesting designs.

Yiota said, “In 2022, we are going to see a continued move away from crisp white bathrooms.

“We are already seeing an upsurge in demand for more adventurous color palettes, not only in terms of wall colors and upholstery, but also when it comes to lighting and accessories.

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Yiota added, “This type of finish, when paired with a pure white background, adds both intensity and more depth to the home.”

According to Yiota, quirky bathrooms should be embraced rather than feared.

She said: “Overall, the biggest takeaway for 2022 is to embrace the bathroom trend – however you choose to create that look.

“With bolder color choices becoming more readily available, it’s definitely time to set your design aspirations high and experiment with palettes and textures.”

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