Interior design: interior design expert BBC Interior Design Masters Amy Wilson’s home

Amy Wilson loves contrasting colors and patterns, embracing the “maximalist” trend sweeping homes. Having participated in the popular BBC Interior Design Masters, she gives her tips for brightening up your home during the winter months.

The interior designer has teamed up with 247 curtains to give his advice.

Her own home features a number of stunning design cues, including a black textured wall in the living space, opposed to a red sofa.

Its living room has a powder pink sofa, white and blue walls, and cobalt blue velvet sofas.

Her kitchen is another colorful space where the blue sides of the modern kitchen collide with a deep jade green aga.

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Whether it’s in cushions, blinds, curtains, art, or paint, you can find a pink to work with most designs, so embrace it and earn your Gold Star for maximalism.

“Remember, there are no rules when it comes to maximalist decorating, so have fun creating your project for you.

“Think bold, big, brave and you can’t go wrong.”

She continued, “Maximizing on a large scale rather than adding large amounts of props and knickknacks will ensure the ultimate maximalist vibe.

“Go for oversized fixtures, hanging from a dark ceiling for more drama or a characteristic chair that plays with the proposals, appearing slightly large for the space.

“You can also play with illusions by adding the season’s must-have accessory – an oversized tilting mirror that has the added benefit of making a room look bigger.”

Renovation blogger Emma, ​​who runs Renovate Broadway, gave advice on finding designer furniture for sale.

The savvy buyer saved £ 200 on a Habitat sofa.

She managed to buy a sofa bed from the iconic British brand Habitat.

“I buy a lot from Facebook Marketplace. I buy a lot of second-hand stuff,” Emma said.

“I got a really nice sofa bed from Habitat, I was already going to buy it at full price for £ 300.

“Then I looked quickly at Marketplace and there was a four minute drive to our house, which was pretty much brand new, and they wanted £ 100 for that.”

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