Interior Design – Five Tips to Help Vacation Rental …

One of the most important aspects of a vacation rental is its furnishings. If you want to get potential customers to stop and take a look at your property, the furniture will do the talking and be one of the first areas of the property to consider after the essentials (like location, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.). bath and of course the dog – friendliness).

When it comes to choosing furniture in your vacation rental, it’s important to choose hard-wearing materials that can withstand everyday use (as well as flooring choices) while still offering that feeling of home. It’s also important to look at the key pieces that will make any subsequent vacation rental instantly recognizable as yours in several locations across the country, such as a piece of furniture that stands out.

When buying furniture, the size of it really matters. Two small sofas for a house that can accommodate 6-8 people will not work. Likewise, a huge dining table for a one bed apartment doesn’t make sense, and it would be best to use it for storage solutions to make the property feel bigger. Planning your space well will make it easier for guests to move around the house and enjoy the space with ease.

Kitchen and bathroom

When it comes to spending money on your vacation rental, it’s essential to focus your budget on the kitchen and bathroom. A clean, fresh and modern kitchen area and relaxing bathroom go a long way towards booking your rental rather than a competitor.

Adding key appliances to the kitchen, such as a high-end coffee maker and hot water faucet, also makes life on the property easier and adds to the fun of stopping in a rental with modern gadgets that some may already have at home or love to have.

It is also recommended that you explore the appropriate countertops and cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, to ensure that they stand the test of time. Materials such as quartz are more expensive, but will not need to be replaced every few years due to water or heat damage.

Bold colors

Another element to stand out from the crowd is the smart placement of bright colors. Think bright wallpapers or tiles and upholstery such as pillows, rugs, and curtains. Creative colors look great on the camera and can add a luxurious feel if done right. A gallery wall filled with different colorful paintings that match the location of the house can also make it feel like home.


With the bedrooms, you want to make it as functional but as comfortable as possible. A recent survey found that 80% of people have trouble sleeping when traveling away from home, so these little extras really make a difference, especially if you’re looking to attract the right customer who will want to come back again and again.

Bed linen should be of good quality, as well as pillows and duvets. There should also be some easy ways to get ready, like a long mirror to check outfits and appearance, as well as a dressing table for the client to get ready with outlets nearby for styling tools. It is very important to think about the movements of the person renting your vacation home, especially so that you don’t end up with burn marks on the carpet caused by straighteners or makeup stains on the floor.

Ambient lighting

If you want to go further in the attractiveness of a vacation rental, consider your lighting. Work lighting such as main spotlights that focus on a particular element of the room is really important. A kitchen would need working lighting around cabinets, counters and the sink.

Ambient lighting is also important. Look for fun ways to incorporate it into the vacation rental to highlight things like walls or points of interest in a room. It can be something simple, like side lights, pendant lights, or LED strips to accentuate an area.

Finally, the reading light on either side of the bed is an added element that can give your guest that extra hotel feel.

* Design consultant Rob Lessmann founded Design’d Living in 2015. The company provides contemporary interior design and consulting services, inspired by modern living. You can check them out on Instagram here.

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