inside the colorful house and studio of Greek artist Alekos Fassianos

Opening of the alekos fassianos estate DURING THE ATHENS DESIGN FORUM

the residence and workshop alekos fassianos, one of Greece’the most popular contemporary visual artists,

opened to the public for the first time during the first athens design forum. located in a quiet street in papagou, Athens, the estate resembles a living museum filled with colorful visual traces of its owner’s signature style. The vast creative expression of fassianos materializes in sculptural lamps, ceramics, furniture, textiles, paintings and utilitarian objects found throughout the three-story building.

the domain’the first public opening took place during the first edition of athens design forum, a non-profit initiative introducing an experimental format for experimenting with design in Athens. Founded by curator of design and art, researcher and writer Katerina Papanikolopoulos, ADF advocates an interdisciplinary approach and encourages design as a social tool linked to heritage and migration patterns. the inaugural edition took place in the first week of October 2021, offering a series of intimate events and immersive activities throughout the city that aim to showcase the wide range of design prevalent in Greece.

alekos fassianos in his home and studio in Athens | all images © Parisian tavitian unless otherwise stated

the alekos fassianos estate allows visitors to get a closer look at the diverse portfolio of works that bring the building to life, while presenting a more intimate side of the artist himself. her personal style is evident both outside and inside the house, not only in the colorful works of art that fill the space, but also in architectural elements such as doors, windows, ceiling tiles and canopies.

fassianos developed his own anthropocentric style in the 1960s, which over the years has gradually evolved into a veritable visual treatise on everyday life. his painting became a symbol of the Greek nation and a reflection of post-war society.

inside the colorful house and studio of greek artist alekos fassianos athenes design forum


born in 1935 in Athens, Greece, alekos fassianos trained in music, but continued to study painting at Athens School of Fine Arts of the National Technical University of Athens – NTUA (1956-1960) where the artist yiannis moralis was his main instructor. in 1960 he received a french government scholarship to study lithography to Paris School of Fine Arts under a. clairin and g. dayez. after a brief phase of influence from abstract art (1957-1958), fassianos quickly adopted a very personal style, which would serve him faithfully in his figurative painting. he participated in more than 80 personal exhibitions and exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, notably in athens, paris, london, geneva, and throughout europe, as well as in dubai, russia, tokyo, new york, sao paulo and melbourne. in addition to private collections, his works are present in museums in france: museum of modern art in paris; the MAEGHT foundation, saint-paul-devence, Centre Pompidou, Paris. the french government awarded him its most prestigious award in 2013: the order of the legion of honor. it was awarded by the academy of athens in 1999 and by the Russian government in 2015 for his contribution to the arts.inside the colorful house and studio of greek artist alekos fassianos athenes design forumimage © chris kontos

inside the colorful house and studio of greek artist alekos fassianos
paintings, ceramics and personal items fill the artist’s house

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