I’m an interior designer – make your home more expensive without spending ANY money with eight simple tips

WHEN it comes to designing a dream home, many of us feel overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions.

Without any experience, it’s hard to know which elements will make your home enjoyable and which ones you’ll end up regretting.


A design expert has shared her favorite and simple tricks to spruce up your homeCredit: TikTok/gillaleighhome.designs
Opt for small-scale furniture rather than oversized sofas and tables


Opt for small-scale furniture rather than oversized sofas and tablesCredit: Getty

An interior design expert named Gilla Leigh, who passes @gillaleighhome.designs on TikTok, revealed her eight tips for making any home look bigger and more luxurious.


Although you may be tempted to hang your curtains where the top of the window begins, Gilla says that’s a mistake.

She said to raise the curtain rods up high if you want to accentuate the ceiling height and therefore make the room appear taller.


To avoid clutter, Gilla advised you to keep the corners of your rooms empty.

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These tight spaces are often filled with leftovers or decorative items like a fake plant, but this will significantly reduce the size of the room.


“Use less accent furniture,” Gilla warned.

While it’s fun to buy a bunch of floating chairs and side tables, it will only limit the amount of free space in your room.


Who can resist a great work of art?

To get the most out of your walls, Gilla said to aim for larger-scale artwork, as it will make the room feel bigger as a whole.


A dark room is a cramped room.

“Open the blinds for more natural light,” Gilla said.


Just like in fashion, in interior design there is a limit to the number of accessories you should use.

Don’t overdo it or you risk making your space cramped.


While it might be tempting to squeeze the biggest sofa into your tiny living room, Gilla said to resist the urge.

Instead, opt for smaller-scale furniture that will be appealing to the eye.


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And finally, it probably won’t come as a surprise that a cluttered house looks like a tiny house.

This summer, go through all those full closets and purge the things you don’t need to make your home feel more spacious.

Her top eight tips are easy to follow


Her top eight tips are easy to followCredit: TikTok/gillaleighhome.designs

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