I’m an interior design expert – three trends that make your home look cheap and why you should never whitewash the walls

IF you are thinking of adding some new decor to your home, you better keep reading.

An interior design expert has revealed the three trends to avoid.


Phoenix Gray revealed three interior design trends to avoidCredit: tiktok/@mrphoenixgrey
whitewashing walls should only be done by a professional


whitewashing walls should only be done by a professionalCredit: tiktok/@mrphoenixgrey

Sharing his thoughts on TikTok, interior designer, Phoenix Grayrevealed three current interior design trends you shouldn’t partake in.

The first trend he recommends avoiding is whitewash – especially if you’re trying to create them yourself.

The expert said that they are often used without going with the rest of the interiors of the house.

He added: “If you don’t do it professionally and you end up tinkering with it yourself and you don’t know what you’re doing, it looks like a hodgepodge of disaster.

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“Looks like you just ran out of paint and your walls look unfinished.”

Next come the famous Herman Miller plastic chairs, although the expert admits that they look great, he warns that they will give you back pain.

“They actively wage war on your spine if you sit on it for more than ten minutes.”

The latest Phoenix design trend is begging viewers to steer clear of foam furniture, which has become popular thanks to DIYers using foam to decorate mirrors.

He revealed: “It’s literally the expectation of a special owner, you’re literally adding a thick layer of toxic industrial foam on top of furniture that was otherwise fine.”

Viewers couldn’t agree more, with one writing, “Didn’t know foam furniture was a thing and still would love to.”

Another person commented, “foam furniture is literally (almost) future landfill.”

A third wrote: “Oh my god. This foam craft. How could anyone think it looked good?!”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “omg the whitewashed walls are giving off 90s/00s faux paint/textured walls, please stay in the past! Anything old shouldn’t come back!”

Herman Miller plastic chairs may look nice - but they'll wreak havoc on your back


Herman Miller plastic chairs may look nice – but they’ll wreak havoc on your backCredit: tiktok/@mrphoenixgrey
Foam furniture should stay firmly in the past


Foam furniture should stay firmly in the pastCredit: tiktok/@mrphoenixgrey

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