I’m an interior design expert and you can transform your living room by making 12 changes

IMPROVING your living room doesn’t have to be complicated.

Interior designer Jade Joyner has revealed her simple changes that can transform your living room.


You can easily take advantage of the blankets, rugs and lamps that go into your living roomCredit: Getty

Replace your old blankets

Joyner, interior designer and co-founder of Metal + Petal, told Insider that upping your cover game can bring a coin together.

Strategically placing a plush blanket over older furniture can improve the look of the entire area.

“Think cashmere or linen,” Joyner said. “Spend a little money on a great blanket that suits the room, and you’ll never have to hide them again.”

Add Live Houseplants

Joyner stressed the importance of having live plants in your home rather than relying on fake flowers or potted greenery.

“Live plants are the key to any good room.”

“They clear the air and can sharpen the focus,” Joyner told Insider.

Find fun cushions

While it might be easy to use the matching pillows that came with your couch, Joyner said mixing patterns and colors is a great way to add interest to your common space.

“Mix velvet and linen, add silk and bring in an animal print to keep the sofa cool.”

This tip goes along with his previous tips for finding better looking covers.

Put sconces instead of lamps

Joyner suggests you can find more unique ways to light up your living room.

“I love a good sconce because it adds such interest to a room,” she said.

“I often use these in bedrooms with adjustable arms, so you really have task lighting for reading.”

Sconces can also be used around a mirror or in a dark hallway.

Order custom curtains

Joyner didn’t have many good things to say about store-bought curtains.

“Store-bought curtains are usually quite sheer and not very luxurious,” she said.

“Custom curtains immediately enhance your space.”

In addition to color and material, ordering custom curtains allows you to find the perfect size that fits your windowsill.

Find matching lamps

According to Joyner, it is very important that you are intentional about the size of your lamps.

“I like a good lamp and I search high and low for the right ones for the right space,” Joyner told Insider.

“Lately I’ve been obsessed with lamps in the kitchen. They couldn’t be more perfect for adding dim light to any kitchen.”

Use LEDs in your new lamps

This next tip is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly.

LEDs are energy efficient and apparently have a much nicer hue.

“I want my rooms to be clean, not yellow,” she said.

“Plus, they last a lot longer.”

Replace the ceiling fan with a light fixture

Instead of controlling the air with a fan, control the vibrations with a fabulous light fixture.

Joyner said you can swap out a ceiling fan to add a unique, vintage piece to your home.

Find a vintage rug

“Find a great vintage rug at an estate sale to bring character and age,” Joyner said.

Like blankets or light fixtures, rugs offer endless possibilities for adding personality to a room.

“I recently found two 10ft by 14ft rugs at an estate sale for $200 each. They’re not high quality, but they have nice colors and a nice design.”

Change your layout every season

This trick from Joyner costs nothing and can make a huge difference.

Insider suggests you can even make strategic decisions like moving your sofa closer to the fireplace in the winter and closer to the windows in the summer.

“I touch every piece of furniture before the guests arrive to make the room feel fresh,” Joyner told Insider.

Start an art collection

“Find up-and-coming local artists that you like and create a collection that you can grow over time,” she said.

Joyner said even an affordable art print in a custom frame can raise a wall.

Wallpapering boring walls

“While I love a good paint color, wallpaper can transform a space,” Joyner said.

“Textured papers can add so much warmth to a space.”

Joyner recommended a grasscloth or print wallpaper to add texture to a space.

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