Illinois ‘Goth Home’ goes viral – and it’s for sale

You’ve heard of Gothic architecture … but what about Goth architecture? A certain list in Lincoln, Illinois is all the rage for its shocking black exterior. With a matching black interior! It was once dubbed the “Gothic House” by fans of Zillow Gone Wild, a social media page that highlights unique homes for sale.

Interior ‘Goth Home’

Located at 110 Edgar Street, 30 miles north of Springfield, the 1,547 square foot single-family home sits on leafy half-acre land. With a striking octagonal shape, the living room and foyer appear round and spacious. The home also features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace, French doors, a three-car garage, spiral staircase, and three skylights – which no doubt brighten up the cool, dark interior touches.

Contrary to what one might think, the house does not belong to a mysterious recluse with jet-black hair. It is actually owned by a local real estate agent! According to WGN, ME Realty’s Seth Goodman purchased the house in August with the intention of renovating and reselling it. Inspired by the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black”, that’s exactly what Goodman did. He also installed the jet black shingle roof with matching gutters and siding.

This scary piece of real estate is currently listed for $ 250,000. Goodman and real estate agent Matt Garrison, of Keller Williams Capital, are overseeing the sale.

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