How to decorate a small space on a small budget? 6 tips that save space and money

No matter the size of your home and the size of your budget, with clever decorating ideas and expert advice, you can create a stylish space that remains stylish, thoughtful and personal.

When researching the best way to decorate a small space on a budget and make a small room feel bigger and more inviting, Nic Shacklock of Online-Bedrooms says, “Opening up a small room is all about tricking the eye and create the illusion. that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Small room ideas have moved on from just letting in lots of natural light and using white paint. Thinking carefully about color, proportion and scale can allow you to use many of the same decorating techniques as those applied to larger spaces.

In order to keep costs down, budget home decorating focuses on the creativity and versatility that can come from simple design ideas like painting, creative DIY projects, and clever design tricks that make a luxurious piece – but for less.

How to decorate a small space on a small budget?

From mirrors to paint to clever storage solutions, we’ve rounded up our top tips that answer the recurring question: how do you decorate a small space on a budget?

1. Get creative with your painting ideas

Colorful contemporary bedroom with pink striped walls, bed with upholstered headboards, dresser with painted patterns, decorated with a table lamp and ornaments

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

When many of us approach decorating a small room, we are drawn to white and neutral color palettes to help maximize the available space.

While this is a guaranteed option for making a room light and bright, a small room is actually a great place to be adventurous with color and pattern – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Painting specialist Annie Sloan (opens in a new tab) states that “a coat of color transforms the look of your home, and you don’t get much cheaper than a can of paint; a small room is the perfect opportunity to go bold and be holistic.

As this beautiful painted bedroom shows, paint has been used on the walls, furniture and even the lampshade, to inject style, playfulness and character into the space.

She says of the striped design, “The fundamentals of using stripes to enlarge a space are simple. For example, vertical stripes of any width will make the walls appear taller. Stripes are also a great way to incorporate more color into your home when you can’t choose one wall color – use tonal colors for a subtle, contemporary nod to the trend.

Whether you’re upcycling old furniture or creating a striking striped wall, paint can provide endless creative fun and help generate unique design ideas for your small spaces.

2. Decorate cleverly with mirrors

Blue bedroom with alcove dressing table, mirror on the wall, upholstered seat, table lamp and accessories on table, fireplace,

(Image credit: Emma Sims Hilditch, photography by Jan Baldwin)

Decorating with mirrors in the home not only creates convenient areas where you can check your reflection, but they can also be used as styling tools to both add decoration to walls and enhance the feeling of space and light in your home. a play.

Nic Shacklock says, “Reflective materials like mirrors are a great way to give the room a magnifying effect. The reflection of the room and the light creates depth and makes it seem like there is more space than there actually is.

Whether you use a collection of small mirrors or a large design, a mirror can be a versatile decoration for your home – and they don’t cost much.

As the comfortable blue room of Sims Hilditch (opens in a new tab), the small alcove next to the fireplace has been nicely highlighted and opened up by the large mirror. Placed next to the window to increase the light in the room, the mirror also effortlessly transforms this part of the bedroom into an inviting vanity nook.

3. Save space with wall sconces

Integrated headboard and storage in black with bed dressed in white and pink.

(Image credit: Chris Tubbs)

A wall sconce is a simple and easy way to not only light up a room, but also add texture and visual interest to your walls, with many artistic and stylish designs to choose from.

Wall sconces are ideal for small rooms as they save valuable floor and surface space. Instead of using furniture to create distinct, separate areas in a room, using different lights in a small room can create warm pools of light and help to cleverly zone the space – a cheaper option too.

In this bedroom, the innovative built-in wooden headboard has not only been paired with a sleek metal wall sconce, but the design creates a stylish platform for decoration and storage, a perfect example of bedroom makeover ideas on a budget and what can be achieved with a DIY home project.

4. Plan for efficient storage

Neutral bedroom with a large wooden chest of drawers

(Image credit: Ercol)

Storage ideas are extremely important in small rooms, helping to make the area organized, less cluttered and spacious.

Storage can come in a variety of designs, from small, simple items like hooks to larger pieces of furniture like sideboards and shelves, with options to suit every budget, style, and space.

Having a central storage piece in a small room, whether it’s a wardrobe, chest of drawers or large chest of drawers, means you can free up valuable space on the walls and surface of the room for other furniture and decorations.

A tall unit, like the one pictured in this bedroom, is a great option for smaller rooms, as you can really make the most of the available wall space, as well as hide many items out of sight, helping to make the room more pleasant to live. less crowded.

Nic Shacklock says, “To keep the room airy, you don’t want blocky furniture. Try to opt for furniture that has legs so that you can see the floor under the object. Being able to see the floor gives the illusion of more space and will help make the room feel less cramped.

5. Create focal points with artwork and decorations

Colorful kitchen with blue painted walls, a tiled splashback, two wooden shelves decorated with artwork and ornaments

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation Ltd)

As we’ve discussed, the power of colorful paint can transform a small room, and finishing touches such as artwork, ornaments, and rugs can add the finishing touch with attractive focal points.

From second-hand vintage finds to gallery walls created from existing artwork, getting creative with the style of a small room can add great personality and a sense of style to the space.

Jodie Hatton, designer at Brintons (opens in a new tab) says, “In the same way that dark walls can transform a small room or patterned wallpaper can bring interest to an otherwise drab space, a patterned rug is an inspired way to make a feature of a smaller room. It can help add interest and character to the room.

6. Style your space with symmetry

Traditional living room with comfortable seating, ottoman, fireplace, symmetrical design with mirrors and cabinets

(Image credit: Talbot Photography)

A design principle that can help create a smart, sophisticated scheme that feels balanced and harmonious, using symmetry in interior design can be a great option for decorating a small room – and costs nothing! A great option for living room makeover ideas on a budget.

Great for creating an enhanced sense of space, styling a room with symmetrical areas can help make the space look cleaner and more organized. From mirrors on the walls to matching furniture, your symmetrical designs can be as small or as large as you want.

As this cozy living room shows, the layout of the room is defined by two coordinating sofas, cabinets and table lamps. A space rich in color, material and beautiful visual interest, the symmetrical placement of larger pieces of furniture helps to make the room feel more spacious and elegant.

How to spruce up my house on a small budget?

You don’t need a big house to have a great house – remember that size isn’t everything.

From using simple decorative accessories like artwork, throw pillows and ornaments, to getting creative with paint and wallpaper, maximize the beauty of your home with thoughtful, meaningful designs that reflect your style. .

These items also don’t need to cost the earth. A room can be transformed into a beautiful new sanctuary with a quick lick of paint, and small finishing touches like upholstery and decorations can bring the whole thing together.

What makes a house look expensive?

There are plenty of ways to make your home expensive without breaking the bank.

A well-organized, luxurious interior design can not only help make your home feel more welcoming and stylish, but it can also add value – ideal if you’re planning to sell soon.

Some of the key things to consider include:

  • Declutter your home so it feels welcoming and spacious.
  • Choose your materials wisely, from adding beautiful texture with paneling to selecting furniture with character.
  • Style your space to be personal and unique, whether you bring fresh flowers, artwork or eye-catching table decorations, these little details can make all the difference in adding touches of luxury and making space more expensive.

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