How Step1 Design helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into visual designs

When customers browse your platform, what do they see? When they click a button, where do they land? What is the impact of the platform you are building? In a time already under pressure, it can be confusing to present your idea in the best possible way.

Every entrepreneur’s business idea goes through a prototyping phase, which helps them develop and test the idea in a tangible way. While storytelling techniques and other formats can get the point across, what works best is showing investors what exactly your product or service can do. It’s here that Stage 1 design Between.

If you are an entrepreneur or product manager with a vague business idea and you don’t know how to present your app or website, Step1 Design helps you refine your business idea and present it visually so stakeholders can interact and test the application before it is launched. live.

Visually represent your ideas

Step1 Design, a brand of Synoriq, helps aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and businesses turn their ideas into visual designs to raise funds, find technology partners or kickstart development.

Step1 experts help with UI / UX designs, prototypes, wireframes, UI / UX auditing, innovation consulting and product strategy. They also help in the redesign of websites and mobile apps.

Cursed Jain, Founder and CEO, Says, “Our vision is to help budding entrepreneurs obtain visual design solutions for their business idea, which can help them clearly present to potential investors. “

He adds, “We believe in design first because it helps create better products that are attractive but easy to use. Also, to build a website or an app, you can’t just start writing code all the way. Your user doesn’t care about your code, what interests them is what they see, therefore UI / UX is very important in the world of software development.

Design for global brands

Step1 Design has serviced over 35 global clients to date for a wide variety of industries. This includes mobile apps for brands to manage employee attendance, assess employee performance, optimize Forex exposure for Edelweiss clients, and more.

So what is really going on at Step1 Design? When entrepreneurs want to increase investments for their new business, they contact Step1 Design. After an in-depth workshop, the Step1 team transforms the business idea into visual designs. The entrepreneur presents the designs to a couple of investors who are so impressed with the idea, based solely on the designs, that they decide to provide seed funding for the startup.

One of the clients who have benefited from Step1 Design’s services is Wonder Home Finance. The mobile app allows customers to apply for loans, manage existing loans, increase service requests, etc. The client wanted help to imagine his application. With Step1 Design, he could design the Wonder client app this reduced its service request calls to 20% and improved the efficiency of the TAT.

“We were really impressed with the execution of the design by the team. They really put themselves in the user’s shoes before creating a design, ”says Piyush Jain, Chief Technology Officer, Wonder Home Finance.

The first step towards a successful prototype

For Step1 Design to turn your idea into a functional concept, it is a transparent five-step process.

  • Calendar: Book a free 30-45 minute video design consultation call to share your business idea, whether rough, fine, or very detailed.
  • To discuss: Chat with design experts about your business needs and they will help you find the MVP for your business idea.
  • To select: They will recommend ideal design packages for you to choose from and also create custom packages based on your needs.
  • To start up: Once the design package is selected, the project starts.
  • Review: The team sends you review updates every two weeks to keep track of the project and get constant feedback from you.

Step1 Design pricing is based on the number of screens. For 15 screens, delivery takes 10 days and costs $ 1,125. For 25 screens, the delivery time is 21 days and costs $ 1,875. For 60 screens, it takes 45 days and costs $ 5,000. Additional screens cost $ 75 per screen. (The packages mentioned above include transferring the source file to the client)

If you are reading this and looking to present your business idea in the best possible way, Schedule Your Free Design Consultation Today. Take advantage of a 33.33% discount, or a final price of $ 50 per screen exclusively for YourStory readers.

Besides screen-based models, you can also engage with Step1 Design Consultants on a monthly engagement.

Growth and future roadmap

Step1 Design is a team of over 40 UX enthusiasts and product experts with expertise in the latest design tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Principle and Framer .

Step1 Design is led by Mr. Alok Trivedi as vice president. A designer by birth, he has extensive experience creating products ranging from consumer Internet to SaaS products.

The primed startup has so far delivered 40,000 displays to more than 12 industry sectors, including fintech, BFSI, government, healthcare and others. At the same time, he helps companies with Step1 B2B Innovation where companies can benefit from his design services on the basis of a monthly / quarterly or annual subscription.

Go forward, Alok Trivedi says they want to be India’s largest design team with expertise in all types of digital design services.

“We want to be the place of choice for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get started. Whether you want a presentation or a website without code or even a simple app or website design, we’re ready to do it, ”he says.

About Synoriq

Step1 Design’s journey began in 2017 when Mudit Jain began Synoriq R&D Pvt Ltd. Mudit is an IIT Bombay alumnus who has worked in various fields such as analytics, business consulting and technology. Prior to Synoriq, Mudit was Country Manager for Finmechanics India Pvt Ltd at the age of 24. He also co-founded Qriyo, to create a brand of quality home tutors.

Based in Jaipur, Synoriq has six different brands under its umbrella apart from Step1 Design – SynoFin, SaaS technological solutions for HFC and NBFC; SynoVeine, ecosystem of digital sellers (FI, RCU, Legal, Technical) for lenders, SynoFS, technological solutions, products and advisory services for banks; Synora, technology and design consulting services for startups, SynoExperts, remotely qualified resources in Java, React and other leading development skills and SyData360, data infrastructure for businesses.

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