Green bathroom ideas – how to create a refreshing retreat with serene green hues

The color of rejuvenation – green bathroom ideas are the perfect choice for that space of calm and relaxation. On a subliminal level, green connects us to the natural world, making it a zen backdrop for relaxing. Rich jade, bold lime, and cool shades straight out of mother nature’s palette can bring healing energy to the space.

Add a pop of color to an overly white space with a sleek forest green chest of drawers or lavish vintage pieces with a nostalgic mint green. Make bolder statements with lavish palm print wallpapers or pair pink with green for an on-trend combo – a surefire way to create an eye-catching experience for you and your guests as they enter.

An incredibly versatile and flexible color, perfect for modern or classic bathrooms, take inspiration from what’s right outside your front door and be inspired by our tranquil green bathroom color ideas.

1. Bring heritage energy to a modern bathroom with sage greens

Pale green bathroom with white marble fixtures and arched wall

(Image credit: Oak Design Project)

Green is a commonly used hue in heritage interiors. It creates an authentic color scheme for a period home, but is also elegant and perfect for a modern bathroom. This beautiful Victorian bathroom suite in a dark mint green is resplendent with brilliant white contrasts in the marble sink, ceramic tub and vintage milk glass lights. The lovely hue also accentuates the nostalgic curve of the arched wall

“This is the main bath in a Victorian townhouse,” says Kevin Bennert, designer at Oak design project in Philadelphia. ‘We wanted to use a color “of the time” but still contemporary. It also needed to be a green strong enough to balance all the home plate, but not overpowering. We love the end result!

2. Create a tactile sanctuary with different green textures

Small dark green tiled bathroom with terracotta sink

(Image credit: Bert and May)

It makes sense to us that the bathrooms have an underwater quality, transporting and enveloped in cocooning dark hues. This luxurious dark green bathroom is a collaboration between the tile brand Bert & May and paint company Little Greene featuring the paint brand’s classic chalk colors on Bert and May’s tactile cement squares, giving the space an artisanal, spa-like feel.

“I like to embrace a small room and create a dramatic and intimate interior with intense cocooning colors such as ‘Livid’,” says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Green. “Which is a deep, moody yet restful hue, somewhere between blue, green, and gray.”

3. Combine pink and green for an original combination

Light green and pink bathroom suite with dark green marble sink

(Image credit: Drummonds)

In terms of colors that go with green, we believe that pink and green should always be seen, so use this pair of complementary colors to create chic decorating schemes. This tactile bathroom features gelato shades of pink and pistachio green. The space is tiled in creamy tones to match the softness of the space.

“Imagine bathing in a clear, warm pool, surrounded by lush forest…that’s what green does on your bathroom walls.” said Dulux’s Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford. “There is nothing like green to create a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. It is the most tranquil color on the spectrum and instantly instills a sense of balance and calm. Pair it with pink accessories for a little fun, or try different shades of green for a more subtly vibrant look.

4. Create a dreamy shower with pastel green hues

Mint Green Tiled Shower

(Image credit: future)

Dream away by pairing glossy green surfaces with textured glass in a walk-in shower to create tranquil and uplifting morning rituals. This small shower unit is covered in floor-to-ceiling mint green subway tiles and a ribbed glass shower. The glossy surface of the bathroom wall tiles and the sheen of the glass create a beautiful, dreamlike space.

“Greens are one of the most versatile colors for any room in the home, but are especially a great option for a bathroom,” says Farrow and Ball Brand Ambassador Patrick O’Donnell. From the soft, cool pastels of Mizzle or Cromarty for something clean, bright and fresh for a sunny bathroom, to the richer depths of Calke Green, with hints of shrub green a classic counterpoint to white sanitary ware.

5. Infuse a powder room with tropical wallpaper

Small bathroom with botanical palm wallpaper

(Image credit: future)

Powder rooms and bathrooms seem like the natural space for tropical wallpaper. The accepted wisdom in interior design is that small spaces are the best places to do big and bold things. Here, a delicate jungle-inspired pattern of large green leaves and lemony fruit brings a whole new energy to the room. Sleek gray paneled walls, sleek light fixtures, and a minimal mirror keep the space sophisticated with an element of restraint.

If this look piques your interest, you can opt for deep jungle, exotic palms, rustic forest patterns or something more floral – each bathroom wallpaper idea creating a slightly different shade.

6. Go graphic with green stripes

Green Diagonal Stripe Tiles

(Image credit: Fired Earth)

We love this candy stripe wet room idea in an unexpected pastel green colorway. These striking half and half tiles in natural green add a green feel and the versatility of the pattern means you can play with the formation – create playful triangle formations or go traditional with green checkers.

“The green and white are a particularly clean and energizing combination, making it perfect for showers and wet rooms,” says Terracotta Creative Director Colin Roby-Welford. “The bold geometric design of Fired Earth’s Alalpardo Green tiles from the Bert & May collection adds to the energy of this fresh and ideal combination for creating contemporary bathroom walls and floors.”

7. Mix green and black for a glamorous gothic look

Black and green bathroom

(Image credit: Beata Heuman)

Emerald green walls and black accents give this miniature ensuite bathroom a Beata Heman character bags and an old Hollywood charm. We love contrasts and this bold combo of jeweled green walls with jet black wood trim is a winner.

This theatrical bathroom features an unusual neo-classical inspired black mirror with playful wall sconces with miniature shades on either side. The sink is a classic white design showing the possibilities of transforming an existing simple bathroom on a shoestring budget.

8. Cocoon with Calming Botanical Prints

Modern and bright bathroom with a wall of botanical green wallpaper

(Image credit: Graham and Brown)

The transformative power of bathroom wallpaper is undeniable – instantly transforming a functional space into an indulgent sanctuary with just one wall of the pattern. Bringing nature indoors with botanical designs and pairing it with green is a spectacular way to cultivate a dining space. This impressive wallpaper from Graham and Brown with cascading white leaves on a soft green background behind a huge stone bath is simple and striking, bringing nature in.

‘Your bathroom should be a space for relaxation and what better color to achieve this than a peaceful green?’ says James Greenwood, Graham & Brown’s Brand and interiors expert. “Reflecting the hues of nature, green has soothing properties and effortlessly brings the outdoors into your home. We recommend using our soft shade a dark green Uluwatu with biophilic patterns for a soothing vibe.’

9. Color Block with a Lime Drizzle

Bright white bathroom with lime green color block wall

(Image credit: Crown)

For a zesty feel, opt for this bright and airy shade! This bright lime green bathroom is like a breath of fresh air and has a fabulous color on the wall of a bright white bathroom. Color blocking is a quick way to completely transform the look of a room and inject that hit of green you crave.

“For the bathroom, paint is a great way to personalize a traditionally clinical space,” says Judy Smith Crown Color consultant. “Try something a little different by using a really bright color like an orange or leafy green on the ceiling so the color visually spills over the plain white walls below.”

10. Go everywhere with chevron

Green bathroom with zigzag tiles

(Image credit: future)

When it comes to bathroom tile ideas, the chevron pattern is guaranteed to make an impact, especially when used confidently in a large format. Mesmerizing and high impact, this zigzag green bathroom goes maximalist with tiles in a trio of black, white and green marble in thick herringbone compositions. The intense combination covers almost the entire bathroom.

Crisp white bathroom fixtures bring out the hue of the white tiles and chrome fixtures give the space a contemporary feel – while all surfaces are shiny and shiny, creating a reflective space full of energy.

Is green a good color for a bathroom?

Green is a soothing and centering color, the color of rejuvenation, so it is an excellent choice for bathrooms. From emerald to sage, this color can provide a moment of calm before starting your day or as you prepare for bedtime.

Green is an incredibly versatile and flexible color, perfect for modern or classic bathrooms. It is the most tranquil color on the spectrum and instantly instills a sense of balance and calm. Pair it with pink accessories for a bit of fun, or try different shades of green for a more subtly vibrant look.

What color to associate with green in a bathroom?

Lime green pairs well with yellows, grape purples and traditional black and white for a striking contrast. Green works especially well when offset with neutrals like white, cream, and beige.

Sage green pairs well with crisp white and black, rich metals and clean lines. For something a little offbeat, a muted red or terracotta complements sage green and creates a space reminiscent of Italy. Purple, orange, and blue are almost the opposite of sage green and also work as good complementary colors.

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