Get an overview of the stylish and space-saving hansgrohe Pulsify range of shower accessories

In the Philippines, where the weather and daily temperature can be quite unpredictable, many people feel like stepping into their respective bathroom for a refreshing shower or a nice hot bath.

Through the ages, this activity has provided many benefits including relieving stress, removing dirt and toxins, and improving blood circulation. In an ideal setting, homes would have larger spaces for bathrooms and other areas where people can relax; however, not all units offer this kind of luxury.

It’s a good thing hansgrohe Pulsifier, a collection of modern showers, opens up new possibilities for every type of bathroom. It offers the optimal individual shower experience for every room, budget and taste.

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The 260 mm overhead shower of the Pulsify Showerpipe, which will be available from October, has an adjustable tilt angle; its spray modes, on the other hand, can be changed or switched on the hand shower with the push of a button.

The shower range also offers more than a 40 centimeter long shelf that contains the hand shower and also serves as additional storage space for shower gel or shampoo. If more storage space is needed, the hansgrohe brand also offers the WallStoris line of accessories, a flexible storage system that offers baskets and hooks that can be attached directly to the wall rail and mixed and matched to your preference. .

Homeowners will surely appreciate the way hansgrohe Pulsify showers are fitted with microfine Powder Rain spray mode. This feature will make people feel like the rain is pouring over their head and against their body.

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