‘Fortnite’ Season 5, Week 2 Challenge Guide

It’s week 2 of by fortnite fifth season of Chapter 2, and it’s actually one of the more interesting challenge bundles that Epic Games has released this whole chapter.

The challenge setup, on the other hand, is a bit opaque and a bit confusing. Basically we now have multiple levels of challenges. Each week, Legendary Challenges worth 55,000 XP can be completed with teammates. But these are only available for a week before they are gone for good.

Then there are the Epic Challenges, which are worth 22,000 XP and are basically just your typical weekly challenges. (There are some Rare, Common, and Uncommon challenges as well, but we’ll be leaving them out as they’re not part of this week 2 guide).

Epic challenges are available throughout the season, so there isn’t a huge rush to complete them. And now they are also organized into progressive challenges. You must complete the first challenge in two separate tracks before moving on to the second challenge; the second before moving on to the third and so on. One track will have three, the other four. This is a boring way of structuring challenges because it means you can’t just complete the ones you want when you want them, but here we are. At least the challenges themselves are quite creative and interesting.

Here are the epic and legendary challenges for this week. Click on the links for the individual guides:



  • Damage with Legendary Weapons (1500, 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500)

As you can see, we’ve put together some guides for the more difficult posts on this list. I will update this article with any other guides that we have put together.

Other things, like destroying mailboxes and dog kennels, are pretty self-explanatory.

You will find the Flaming Rings north of Pleasant Park. Take a car. Cine Park. Voila presto! Challenge over.

I love that Epic Games is adding fun stuff like collecting clues and planting evidence. Treasure hunts and fun stuff like that make the weekly challenges in this game much more interesting and balance out all the damage dealt and finding chests.

Good luck, young Padawans!

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