Fort Worth’s River District Gets New Furniture and Design Store – Get Ready for TWO

The River District in Fort Worth opens a new store. Get ready for TWO, a local furniture and interior design showroom. Look for the new furniture powerhouse at 4854 White Settlement Road, where it will host an open house on Saturday, December 18 from noon to 6 p.m.

TWO is the second site derived from There is no place like household furniture, which can be found in the Warehouses on rue Foch. The branch will be half the size of the original, measuring approximately 2,000 square feet. There will be vision vignettes, but with access to the same full line of manufacturers and national brands as There’s No Place Like Home.

Owner Abby Slayton-Tobin started her furniture store after buying her own home and realizing how expensive furniture can be. With its specialized approach to interior design, you can have a beautifully designed home without the big markups from traditional manufacturers.

TWO will be about half the size but with all the options of the original Slayton-Tobin showroom.

“Foch is so busy that we thought it was time to open another showroom in a new part of town,” Slatyton-Tobin said. PaperCity Fort Worth. “And River District is close to where I live.

“We’ve been a favorite in Fort Worth for 22 years now, and I love all of the companies and clients we work with. “

Customers may come looking for a specific item, for example a sofa of a length or configuration that is hard to find. Or Two can send a designer for an in-home consultation if you wish. The designer will create a lookbook for each room in your home for a design fee of $ 250. By consulting directly with the customer on their choices, designers can assemble a room or the entire house from floor to ceiling. Rugs, pillows, upholstery, art, lighting, you name it, they can find it.

“That way when the customer is ready they can just call us and tell us they’re ready to make the spare bedroom or the dining room,” says Slayton-Tobin. “And we know exactly what to order.

“We work with the biggest furniture brands – Bernhardt, Stanley, Lexington, Universal and Riverside. But we also have access to hundreds of lesser-known brands. And the secret is that they often have better quality, prices, and even better quality materials. They try harder in all respects.

“We have over 800 lines and can accommodate all tastes, from mid-century modern farmhouse to modern farmhouse, and rustic to industrial. The options are endless.

Most lines ring at around 30 to 50 percent off retail prices. Moreover, you can customize as you like. And while delivery times in many stores are currently up to a year for custom furniture delivery, TWO customers can have many items delivered in as little as seven weeks thanks to Slayton’s long list of manufacturers – Tobin. There are 2,000 fabrics to choose from to customize upholstery and leather pieces. This prospect can be intimidating, but the professional staff at TWO can guide you.

“We can find any style to suit any taste and work with any budget,” says Slayton-Tobin.

After the open house on December 18, the regular opening hours of the TWO store will be Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Look for the two-fingered peace sign along White Settlement to find the new store.

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