Forma Architects designed a conceptual beach house unifying indoor and outdoor spaces creating an inclusive residence

Miami, Florida, United States

“As we emerge from the pandemic, our understanding of domestic life and work has inexorably changed,” says Forma.

“The demand for flexibility and the desire to live ‘where we want’ rather than where our jobs are have led to new forms of living and living together. These new predilections, combined with the looming and continuing presence of sea level rise, make Miami House more relevant than ever.

Designed by Forma Architects for a group of independent individuals who pool their resources to build a collective beach house in Florida, this type of cohabitation requires reconsidering the typical social structures of a single-family home.

Miami House won Best Future Home of the Year at the 2022 Future House Awards from Global Design News and the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

An important function of the project is to provide spaces that would be suitable for entertaining and so the expansive roof terrace is a natural starting point.

Miami House by Forma Architects

Raising it to the top of the house, unobstructed views surround the habitable roof which includes a small garden, dining area and swimming pool.

The house features interiorized exteriors – spaces that blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors – and explores the precarious relationship of the beach house typology to the ground.

The entire structure is raised above ground to prevent sea level rise and coastal erosion and to allow nature to flow uninterrupted below.

The aggregate volumes hang from the elevated roof plane and contain compact bedrooms, generous bathrooms, and communal living and kitchen areas.

A central unifying exterior staircase divides the house into two clusters, separating the intimate sleeping quarters at the rear of the house from the social kitchen and living areas on the ocean side of the building.

Miami House by Forma Architects

Two sets of bedrooms on each level each share a generous bathroom and a terrace area, promoting informal meetings between the inhabitants.

As more and more people live alone, redesigning the notion of “family” in a single family home type to include a group of unrelated individuals with a shared value system expands the definition of a home to be more inclusive. of our contemporary human associations.

Miami House by Forma Architects

Project: Miami House
Architects: FORMA Architects LLC
Design team: Daniel Markiewicz, Miroslava Brooks and Aaron Payne
Customer: Private
Rendering: FORMA Architects LLC

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