Foot-operated computer mouse design wins Red Dot Award for unique approach to accessibility

While accessibility controllers like Xbox’s only go so far, this concept mouse from Califor Design offers a better way for people with disabilities to control their laptops. The Foot Mouse is designed for people unable to use their hands due to a disability or neurological disease.

The Foot Mouse, as the name suggests, transfers control to the feet, allowing you to navigate and click by resting your foot on an ergonomically designed device. This mouse includes standard mouse functions such as left and right buttons as well as mouse scrolling. The left and right keys are designed to be operated with the toes. The scroll function is activated when the left and right buttons are pressed simultaneously and deactivated when either left or right button is released. “The concave design of the mouse’s top surface is combined with human-machine engineering principles to ergonomically accommodate the complex curvature underfoot, ensuring a stable and comfortable user experience,” Califor Design told Yanko Design. “The Foot Mouse is designed to accommodate feet of all widths and sizes and to provide anti-fatigue support for long periods of use.”

The Foot Mouse is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

Designer: CaliforDesign

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