First-time buyer transforms bedroom into magnolia for £100 with Aldi accessories and DIY tricks

A first homeowner has shared how she managed to give her boring bedroom a stylish makeover for under £100.

Interior design enthusiast Kirsty Wright, 26, has transformed her worn magnolia bedroom into a vibrant and cozy sanctuary.

She recycled her family’s furniture with DIY tricks and bought budget accessories from Aldi to outfit the place.

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The shopkeeper bought her home in Glasgow in 2019 and has since slowly renovated each room, showing her progress on Instagram.

She describes her home style as an “eclectic mix with pops of color” – a far cry from her early days.

“When I first moved in, the property was a typical older rental property – structurally sound, but a sea of ​​magnolia trees and worn, smelly carpets,” she told Swyft Home.

“I tried to inject my personality into my house.”

Kirsty bought accessories at Aldi

With the help of her “very handy mom,” Kirsty used DIY tricks, recycling hacks and bought second-hand furniture to renovate the entire property on a modest budget.

“Living alone meant I had to decorate on a budget and stretch my limited DIY skills to make the most of the space,” Kirsty said.

Kirsty upholstered an old armchair

“With the help of my handy mom, we avoided hiring expensive decorators or craftsmen to save money.”

Although Kirsty describes her DIY skills as ‘limited’, she has by no means been shy about taking on projects.

“I’ve recycled scaffolding boards to make shelving, painted kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them, recycled a salvaged fire frame, used cut-price flooring scraps to revamp the bathroom, handmade curtains and blinds and tired-looking recycled furniture.”

For the bedroom, despite its expensive appearance, Kirsty says that’s where she spent the least amount of money.

Bold fireplace makes a focal point

“The bedroom is probably where I spent the least,” she said. “Probably under £100 (excluding bed and frame)”.

She upholstered an old armchair in the room to breathe new life into it, creatively upcycled her grandfather’s old toolbox into a dressing table, and salvaged a fireplace from her aunt’s house. she painted it bright yellow to add a bold touch. touch of color.

The owner tore up the old rugs to expose the original planks and painted the shelf dark gray for contrast.

Kirsty sanded the boards to make them look like new

Explaining how she transformed the old chair, she said: “A family friend was throwing the chair away and asked me if I wanted it as an upholstery project.

“Of course I said yes, because I like a project.

“So my mom and I bought a cheap black cord and used the scraps of pink fabric we already had and gave it a makeover.

“I would love to take all the credit for the upholstery job myself, but I really couldn’t have done it without my mum. It’s a great inexpensive way to refresh a solid piece of furniture – love the little pink trim !”.

The cleverly transformed toolbox

To accessorize, she found items at budget stores including Aldi, Wilko, IKEA, TKMaxx, as well as small businesses on Etsy.

She added: “Artwork can be expensive, so I painted a canvas I had with acrylic paints and framed things like postcards and a beer coaster.”

Kirsty’s interior style is bright and cheerful, with a touch of decadence.

She uses Instagram to find inspiration, using hashtags such as #colourfulhome #victorianterrace and #eclecticdecor.

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