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Where do you think the invisible line is drawn between personal choices, privileges, priorities and rights, and obligations to society – your wider community of life? In other words, when do we put the greatest good above our personal inclination? And how does this question relate to the choices and decisions of your interior design vision project, when it comes to environmental issues?

It can be a difficult consideration. However, the opportunities for gracious and willful cooperation in the changing situation of better choice of materials, energy supply and other interior design elements are increasing. The term ‘eco-friendly’ has certainly had its fair share of skeptics and attitudes resistant to change, but like so many issues as we humans have evolved, this has mellowed as well!

Your interior design team is on the right track with reasonable factors involving things like new uses for old fibers, for example. Take something as familiar as bamboo, and it is just amazing how bamboo has become such an extremely versatile item. Everything from building materials to the clothing industry has welcomed this renewable resource! As one of the fastest growing plants in the world, bamboo has become a star player in the eco-friendly range. And, like many other solutions, it has been around forever!

There are many prime examples – not only for your personal aesthetic, but also for the sake of planet Earth and our suffering atmosphere – where the interior design industry is a standout leader. This old adage that there is more than one way to skin a cat is more than just a constantly renewed truism.

Today, your interior design professionals are more interested than ever in the personal position and perspectives of their clients on environmental issues. Have your say – and your interior design team will present you with many new, innovative and effective alternatives to traditional choices for interior design elements.

We are all involved in the evolution of natural patterns in seasonal fluctuations, temperature ranges, and how traditional materials and construction are affected. More and more examples of solar conversion are visible – just drive along our highways! This is one of the most visible signs that our communities are paying attention to our need to change some of our old approaches to temperature control, energy access and environmental abuse.

Reviewing old assumptions is a good starting point in determining where to begin to consider alternatives. We’ve got almost so used to efficient lighting changes, for example, that it’s not really new anymore! The change and increase in the fibers available, from rugs to upholstery and window coverings, has been astounding.

An important factor is how the exteriors – visible from the indoor environments – have also changed to better adapt to drastic environmental changes. So many homeowners have given up greenery for drought-tolerant courtyards and gardens. A natural response has been to take these exterior views into consideration when planning contemporary interiors! They are, after all, closely related! It is not uncommon for interior design professionals to coordinate with landscapers when planning the transition harmony for both aspects.

Our personal and societal choices in terms of the environment are closely linked. The success and balance of one is enhanced or compromised by the other. Robert Frost wrote about good fences for good neighbors! Maybe he meant because there are as many benefits as there are opportunities, without the wrong kind of intrusion. The same may be true of the cooperation needed to achieve the best mutual end results with environmental solutions.

Your interior design team does their best, on your behalf, where the choices we present to you for your interior design project include cutting edge options for environmental integrity. Let us know early in the planning process what we can do to help you achieve your goals in this area!

Robert Boccabella, BFA has been Director and Founder of Business Design Services and Certified Interior Designer in private practice for over 30 years. Boccabella offers Designing to Fit the Vision © in collaboration with [email protected] To contact him, dial 707-263-7073; email him at [email protected] or visit www.BusinessDesignServices.com or Face Book at Business Design Services.

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